Jan-Pro Regional Developers operates businesses in protected territories that sell unit franchises and earn commissions on janitorial customer contracts. They also earn ongoing royalties on recurring cleaning services.

This business model has its downsides, however. For one, it requires a substantial upfront investment. This makes it a less accessible option for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

1. You get to work at your own pace

Jan-Pro provides professional janitorial services. They cater to car dealerships, gyms, banks, schools, and offices. The company also focuses on minimizing its environmental impact. It offers a variety of Southern California cleaning franchise options, including master and single-unit franchises.

Franchisees can work at their own pace and choose the clients they want to focus on. They can also access multiple revenue streams, such as recurring cleaning services and one-time projects. Jan-Pro’s strict quality standards help ensure they provide their clients with the best services possible.

Additionally, the company provides extensive training and support, which can help new franchisees succeed. This includes the certification program and expert consultations. It also offers special financing for veterans and first responders. This can make it easier for new franchisees to start their businesses with a lower investment.

2. You Get to Build Your Niche

The cleaning services industry is recession-resistant and has much potential for those ready to take control of their careers. Jan-Pro has a robust business model and supportive resources, including tried-and-true cleaning processes and customer service standards that can help franchisees build brand loyalty and keep their clients happy.

Jan-Pro earns a percentage of customers’ payments for cleaning services, so it is interested in ensuring that franchisees perform the work properly. This differs from medallion owners in Parks Cab, who rent out their trademarks and goodwill to independent entities.

This advertisement is not intended to be a solicitation of business in any state where Jan-Pro Cleaning and Disinfecting has not been correctly registered. Such registration is required before offering a Southern California cleaning franchise in that state.

3. You get total accountability

Janitorial services are a highly sought-after service that will continue to be in demand. This makes it an excellent choice for a business that can generate recurring revenue.

As a Southern California cleaning franchise owner, you will oversee your local franchise and ensure it runs smoothly. In addition, you will be provided with access to support and training resources. This will ensure that you have the tools you need to succeed.

Although starting a janitorial franchise can be an excellent career choice, it is crucial to understand the investment required. You must pay a franchise fee, a 10% royalty, and a 1% ad royalty fee. Additionally, you will need to make a down payment. This can add up to a substantial amount of money.

4. You Get to Work with a Nationally Recognized Brand

With a Jan-Pro franchise, you get to work with an internationally recognized brand name while being able to work from home. This makes it a unique opportunity for those seeking to strike that elusive work-life balance.

Jan-Pro operates under a three-tier franchise business model that involves contracting with so-called master owners, who employ individual janitorial franchisees to perform cleaning services. The First Circuit emphasized that the franchisor is profiting from the performance of these services by its unit franchisees.

Regional developers sell franchises in protected territories and earn revenue from the sale, ongoing royalties, and a commission on securing accounts for their franchisees to service. They also provide support for the local office and their franchisees. This multi-revenue model provides franchisees with the potential to build a lucrative business.

5. You Get to Build a Lucrative Business

As with any business, the time it takes to break even depends on your ability to attract and retain clients. Those who are proactive in networking, marketing, and providing exceptional service can accelerate their timeline for profitability.

Regional master franchisees solicit and sign up customers in a given region, while unit franchisees provide cleaning services for those customers. Because of this degree of central oversight, Jan-Pro can guarantee that its services will meet customer expectations.

Jan-Pro serves many businesses, including office buildings, schools, health clubs, and industrial facilities. It also cleans specialized spaces, like biotech clean rooms and kidney dialysis centers. The company has a proven track  record of success and a solid reputation. This makes it an excellent option for those who want to start their own business.