Thousands of people die every year in San Diego due to car accidents. If you are one of the hapless victims of a vehicle accident in the city, you can immediately seek the expert guidance of a top-most car accident lawyers in San Diego. An experienced San Diego attorney is well-versed in handling both car accident insurance claims and filing a court case for higher compensation. 

Post-accident, you have to file a claim with the insurance firm so that an executive can contact you to inquire about the accident. You can approach motorcycle, car, or truck accident lawyers in San Diego according to your needs. For example, if a motorcycle driver lost control and collided with your motorcycle, then it is advisable to consult a motorcycle accident lawyers in San Diego. It is important to mention the type of vehicle you were driving to file a claim or a court case. 

Insurance Claims

When you meet with an auto insurance adjuster, the investigation may not be conducted fairly. He may gather all the related info, police records, and evidence data, and try to come up with some tactful arguments to prove that the case is not worth a large compensation. 

Adjuster Evaluation Process 

As the interview or meetings progress, the adjuster will try to find out every little evidence and details about the accident. From brief questions to the police report copy and the injured party transportation to the hospital, everything will be recorded by the insurance executive. 

Let us consider the salient features of interviews with the adjuster:

  • The second and third interviews can be prolonged, as more questions will be asked to you (as the claimant)
  • The adjuster may ask you to repeat what happened to verify the facts 
  • He may want to inspect your vehicle 
  • He may ask for the photos that were taken as scene evidence 
  • You may have to provide the information about the at-fault party 
  • You also have to to report on your doctor visit and medical treatment information 
  • The adjuster may also ask for details about the witnesses and their contact addresses 
  • You may have to provide the medical bills and doctor reports as proof 

You may be very wrong to think that you can handle the insensitive insurers on your own. These insurance representatives won’t play fair and can try their best to offer a minimum compensation amount. Faced with such a situation, the only best alternative is to hire experienced city lawyers to tussle with the insurance firm. 

You can take the help of a verified and authorized professional such as a personal injury lawyer or a motor vehicle accident attorney to lead you in the right direction and get tough with the insurance adjuster. Even a thirty-minute conversation and a quick case review with a noted attorney with Nakase Law Firm could be a blessing in disguise for you. Hiring reputed injury lawyers can be done after you have an in-depth first-time conversation that is mostly free of charge.