Reasons to buy a Cooper tires

The Cooper tyre models are built with one of the striking state-of-the art technological innovations around. This satisfies the driving experience of every road user and offers much more. They are durable and stable enough to tick every box. Cooper tyres are also made for 4-runner vehicles as well as heavy duty and lighter trucks too.

Their variants ranges from 4×4 standard vehicles to both light and heavy duty trucks .Cooper tires are very durable, which leaves no room for wearing and tearing as they are also built to perform excellently in harsh weather and environmental conditions

Cooper tyres UAE are very affordable and also accessible in any of our branch offices across the city and beyond the Emirates. We also offer a long list of fitting and maintenance services and there are so many automobile models that fits perfectly with your new Cooper tires in both aesthetics and performance. Examples are Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Porsche series.


There is an available opportunity to receive warranties and a trusting refund policy with Dubai Tyre shop when acquiring Cooper tyres.


Cooper tire companies also offer cool design qualities that are sure to make every customer come back again and again. This makes them one of the best choices to be found in the entire tire industry. Cooper premium tires can also be found in Asia, Europe, and every other continent on the globe.


The Cooper tire products also embodies impressive technological advancement that makes them set landmarks and raise the bar very high in rubber-making technology. This is evident from their treading and impressive doodle-like design which gives your vehicle a striking look and fits the bill perfectly!


With all the technological prowess of Cooper manufactures, their products are somewhat surprisingly affordable for every budget. Every penny is well spent here and conducive for both low-end and high-end users across the country. Just pick your choice already!.


Cooper tires come in various sizes that are suitable for not just luxurious cars, but also heavy duty vehicles for bigger workload and endurance. From SUVs, trucks, and Lorries, to tractors, bulldozers, and race cars, your tire is while keeping you safe and sound. Do not forget that these beasts are also long-lasting!


  • For Car and SUVs

Below is a comprehensive list of Cooper tire brands suitable for small and medium vehicles, as well as SUVs.

  • ATT,
  • AT3 (4S),
  • 4TS,
  • SRX,
  • CS5 GRAND,
  • CS5 ULTRA,
  • Evolution Tour,
  • ZEON RS3-S,
  • ZEON RS3-S ,A, & G1,
  • ZEON C7.


  • For 4×4

Cooper tires for jeep wrangler and other 4runners, we have;

  • Evolution M/T
  • S/T
  • AT3
  • XLT
  • AT3 (LT)
  • AT3 (4S)

Discoverer series

  • AT3
  • AT3 (4S)
  • AT3 XLT
  • STT
  • Pro Radial G/T.