Looking for a place to hang out with your friends where you can enjoy the evening without having to fuss over the budget or dealing with crying kids and arguing couples, or the formalness of going to a restaurant? Well, a pub might be a great place to catch up with your pals and also entertain yourselves at low to no cost.

Types of entertainment at pubs and bars are:

1) Open mic events 

This one lets the artist out in everyone. Some start jamming, others start drumming, while a few might even break into karaoke. Open mics are for spontaneous people who let themselves loose after some good booze. One hell of a way of meeting new people who share the same passion.

2) Stand-up comedy

Gastropubs and bars have become the new joints for the best comics to perform at night. Looking for a light-hearted evening all by yourself or maybe with a couple of your friends? Book yourself some tickets and also get complimentary discounts on your food and drinks with it.

3) Music night with instruments 

For all the guitarists, violinists, and the banjo players, anyone and everyone can jam in on this special night of the assorted music instrument and vocals. The crowd can join in on the fun too!

4) DJ night 

Feel like sweating it out on the dance floor? Well, a good way to do that would be to dress up and show up for the DJ night at Mad Hatter Bar and show your moves. You might as well meet someone special who can match with your groove and grace on the dance floor. 

5) Beer pong and other party games

You can play pool, cards, beer pong, take shots, and do the wildest fun things at pubs with your friends and even strangers if you are up for it. Clubs, pubs, and bars often host small parties and sessions to attract people and you can make the most of it by hanging out with your friends and co-workers at these amazing places.

This weekend, you definitely don’t have to Netflix and chill or do the same things you usually do over the weekend. Get out of the house, dress up, and head out to popular places and have the time of your life. Want some company? Why not plan a date too!