Although they are little and seemingly harmless, bed bugs cause significant disruption and damage. Unfortunately, putting an end to them is no picnic. There is no universal treatment for bed bug problems since no two infestations are identical. That’s why it’s important to know the various bed bug treatment methods.

Many exterminators use bed bug heat treatment as one of their primary methods. A piece of specialized equipment is used to boost the room temperature in order to exterminate bed bugs. The high temperatures used in this method kill bed bugs by drying out their bodies. Heat exceeding 118 degrees Fahrenheit is deadly to both the bed bugs and their eggs. How long it takes precisely is very dependent on both the ambient temperature and the tools at hand. While 122 degrees Fahrenheit can kill bed bugs instantly, 118 degrees will kill them in around 90 minutes. A bed bug heat treatment procedure can take anywhere from six to eight hours depending on the intensity of the bed bug infestation.

Is Bed Bug Heat Treatment Method Better Than Chemical Methods?

Bed bugs’ bodies get so dehydrated by high temperatures that they are almost completely charred. Heat radiates, so even if they try to hide in the darkest part of their breeding grounds, they will eventually be found. It is necessary to maintain the heat inside the target region for a couple of hours to guarantee that the heat penetrates all of their nesting and hiding spots. Remote monitoring or wireless sensors are set up to ensure that the heat is maintained. Also, this aids in regulating the heater’s operation.

For some time, the only option for getting rid of bed bugs and other pests was to use chemicals. It may still work for certain pests, but if you’re dealing with bed bugs, you’re in for some trouble. Bed bugs undergo five complete skin transformations before reaching maturity. If they are subjected to chemical treatment during their skin transformation, their new skin will produce cuticles that will serve as a barrier. However, they will still suffer some degree of harm from the toxin, but it may not kill them outrightly.

Can I Sleep on My Bed After Bed Bug Treatment?

Yes. You can sleep on your bed after the bed has cooled down following the bed bug heat treatment. Warning: Ensure the bed has cooled down to avoid any thermal injuries.

Why Is Bed Bug Heat Treatment So Costly?

Bed bug heat treatment is a precise method for eliminating bed bugs, making it a little bit more expensive as compared to other methods. You may get a cheaper method, but it may take more than one session to see the desired results. One bed bug heat treatment can permanently eliminate all bed bugs.

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