Isn’t the furry little family member in your house just adorable? You feel like cuddling it all day. The way they look at you; it melts your heart, right? But they can be mischievous too. A pet owner shared his experience where he mentioned how his pet dog made a pact with his children to bath in the same bathtub while their mum was away. Another dog owner wrote about her doggo’s skill at sneaking food out of the refrigerator. 

The Teacup Poodle is Simple to get ready and deal with, which makes them an adaptable little dog for a few proprietors.

While you may enjoy the mischievous ideas of your dog, you also need to ensure they stay safe and healthy to keep entertaining you through their activities. Keep the following pet safety tips in mind to maintain a long-lasting bond with your dog.

  1. ID tags and pet collars

Many pet owners hire professional dog walkers to walk their dogs in the morning and evening. It is best to buy a durable collar and put the details of your dog in an identification tag before sending him/her for a walk. You can involve your kids in this thing too. Allow them to choose an innovative dog collar and design a unique ID tag design. Fill out the details and instruct the dog walker to put the collar around whenever he/she takes the dog out for a walk.

  1. Microchips

Dogs may act weirdly sometimes. They are always playful and want you to join them in the backyard. If you cannot, they may want to play with their favourite chew toy alone. But what if they go too far and cannot come back home alone? It’s like your little kid learning to walk and is so happy that she walks away from your sight. You then hear her crying in the distance because she doesn’t know the way back home. You can avoid the same thing from happening to your dog by injecting a microchip. 

Microchips are tiny-sized chips injected under the skin of your dog. Don’t worry; the needle doesn’t hurt. The microchip will have a unique code that you need to register with the chip’s manufacturer. It keeps track of your dog all the time. 

  1. Hiding space

Where does your dog hide when you are out of sight? It may seem playful at times but many dog owners get scared when they can’t see their best friend around. The best way to understand your dog’s secret hiding space is by calling him/her out to have a snack.

Pick up the best dry dog food in UK from a dog store first. Feed a few bites to your dog right after coming home. He/she will get a taste and smell of the snack. Then, when he/she hides, you can casually leave a few bites in the places where you think your dog can hide. He/she will come out to grab his/her share. 

Dogs, no matter how smart or intelligent they are, cannot match the cleverness of humans. You have to be one up on your dog all the time to trick him/her into doing things that will keep him/her safe and healthy.