It’s the time of year where you are thinking about stocking up on outdoor cooking supplies. You know, to make sure you have everything for your BBQs this summer. And if that includes the Blackstone griddle grill, then it is worth considering how much they cost and what features to look for when finding one because not all grills are created equal!

Where can I buy a Blackstone griddle grills

For one thing, there are many different versions of these best Blackstone grills on the market. The main difference is that some have two cooking surfaces, where others only have one. This distinction is pretty important because if you want to cook multiple things at once – say burgers AND steak, for example – you would need a grill with two cooking surfaces. It is also deserving seeing that some of the more giant griddles have three different sizes to accommodate this. With one unit, you can cook big AND small meals at the same time!

Using a Blackstone Griddle grill to Become the Best Cook on the Block

Grill-masters everywhere, don’t hate me for what I’m going to say next. Do you know that investment you made in your barbecue? The one that looks like a million bucks and gets used twice a year on Halloween and the 4th of July? Yeah, well, it doesn’t have anything on the Blackstone Griddle.

You see, this bad boy (and I use the term “boy” very loosely) is like a barbecue, and a grill and a stove all rolled into one. It’s an investment that will pay you back tenfold every summer as you cook for family and friends at your next backyard party or holiday event. Best of all, it’s not like cooking on a regular ol’ barbecue. You can get all of the flavor and deliciousness you love from cooking over an open flame, but with this, you also get control and precision of indoor cooking.

The heat of a Blackstone griddle

The nice thing about this griddle is the heat, which you can adjust to a specific temperature using a convenient built-in thermometer. This way, you can cook everything from an ice-cold porterhouse steak for two to medium-rare burgers and even that frozen pizza your kids want from time to time.

Similarly, you can use the same griddle for cooking up a full breakfast for your family on Sunday morning before church (you know who you are). This means no more dealing with massive pots and pans that take up half of your stovetop space or running back and forth between the kitchen and table as everyone’s food gets cold. With a griddle, you can get everything done in one fell swoop!

Blackstone vs. Camp Chef: Two popular outdoor griddles compared - CNET

The large cooking surface of a Blackstone grill

What ISN’T awesome about this griddle? The large cooking surface, of course! At 730 square inches, you can cook enough food at once to feed an army. It’s excellent for family feasts and outdoor parties alike. With its high-quality construction (stainless steel), the possibilities are truly endless.

Okay, well, maybe not endless, but you get what I mean. This is one griddle that won’t disappoint and will give you years of stellar use in your backyard or even at the cabin! Don’t believe me? Check out this guy’s Blackstone Griddle review for proof! It’s generally considered the most reliable outdoor griddle on the market.

That’s right, and this isn’t your average Blackstone grill price! It’s no shock many people call it one of the best purchases they’ve ever made. Everyday cooks are putting this best Blackstone griddle to work and loving every minute of it! With high-quality construction, easy clean-up, convenience, and portability, this griddle offers it all.

Now whether you’re a great cook or just an apprentice in the kitchen, one thing’s for sure: you can’t go wrong with this best Blackstone grill. Because of its quality construction and versatile design, anyone can use it to produce mouth-watering meals time and again!

Rave reviews for the Blackstone griddle grill

When you crack it down and look at the value of what you’re getting here, it’s easy to see why everyone is going nuts over this thing. The fact that it’s lightweight (under 30 pounds) and can be moved from your garage to your deck by yourself is a huge plus.

Then once you factor in all of the different functions it has (like having three appliances in one), this thing becomes an absolute no-brainer! I mean, what other cooking device claims to be able to replace your grill, stovetop, and oven all at once without breaking a sweat?

However, one more significant thing you want to know about this griddle is reaching your choice. In the world of outdoor cooking, bigger isn’t always better, but in this case, it is! The large cooking surface of this machine means you can prepare an entire wedding banquet for 200 people without breaking a sweat.

Or, if you favor keeping something more unique, this thing will quickly cook enough food for your family of four when they come down to visit you in Cozumel (make sure the griddle is where they can see it).

This is one appliance that could change your life – especially if you enjoy spending time outdoors and hosting get-togethers for friends.

Other benefits of the Blackstone griddle grill

Aside from its obvious application (and how well it can be applied), it is excellent for many other reasons. For instance, if you’ve ever cooked burgers or steaks over an open flame before, you probably had some great food, but you also paid the price.

It can be challenging to balance cooking time with flare-ups, leading to blackened meat that nobody wants to eat. With this griddle grill, your food comes out perfectly cooked every time because you get complete control over the temperature. Plus, it has an excellent drip pan design, making clean-up a breeze.


If you’re looking for the best Blackstone griddle prices, then this is it, my friend. And when you factor in everything else I’ve mentioned (its superior functionality, ease of use, and clean-up), there’s no doubt in my mind that this appliance gets two enthusiastic thumbs up!