The Nelson Swag Leg Desk is a super attractive furniture piece. It’s also highly ergonomic, and when it comes to shape and size, it ensures perfect versatility. It can be featured in a number of unique layouts throughout your homes, so if you’re searching for some fun ideas, here are a few to get you started with:

  1. In a corner


If you’ve got an empty corner, nook, or alcove, then it would make the perfect spot to feature your Nelson Desk. This type of a layout works wonders in small spaces. It also works great in multipurpose spaces like bedroom-come-office or a living room with a small workstation.

  1. Back to back


If you’ve got a big enough space in an office that is shared by two or more people, then this layout idea will totally intrigue you. You can set up two Nelson Swag Leg Desks back to back in the middle of the room. This way, you’ll have an interactive workspace where you can constantly look at your partner as well as a roomy arrangement where you can move around as much as you need to.

  1. Against a picture window


People who like to work with a view would especially appreciate this layout idea. It’s all about utilizing the views on the outside while giving yourself a safe, refreshing, and comfortable place to work with outside. You can recreate this layout idea with all sorts of windows – as opposed to just picture windows. In fact, placing the Nelson Swag Leg Desk underneath or parallel to your window sill will also provide similar results.

  1. Against the wall


As one of the most common types of layout ideas you’ll ever encounter, placing your Nelson Swag Leg Desk facing a wall will be an instant hit. The great part about this particular layout idea is that you can always personalize by tacking on a ton of things to the wall. It could be artwork, gallery wall style frames, a clock, or even a soft board or grill. You can even mount floating shelves above it. The wall becomes your canvas. You can do whatever you need with it.

  1. Freestanding


An uncommon way to emulate the Nelson Swag Leg Desk in your interior designs is to use it as a freestanding object. Since the body of this desk is quite slender, it can be easily moved around. Therefore, you can place it in a way that constitutes as a freestanding object. It doesn’t have to be put against a wall or a window at all. But when you do this, just make sure that the desk is set up in a layout that doesn’t look completely random. Arrange it in a way that makes it feel artistic and strategic.

We hope these interesting layout ideas help you make the most of your Nelson Swag Leg Desk and that you can set it up in a way that complements your home interior design.