The floral decoration for the bride and groom’s car must be discreet, positioned between the backrest and the rear window. The flowers are chosen by the bride and groom, but white or in any case in pastel shades coordinated with the color of the car are preferred. White cockades are allowed on the outside of the car, but also in this case without exaggerating the size.

Vintage car rental for wedding

If you like retro atmospheres and want to get to the church or town hall in a historic car, an original idea could be to rent the car at a vintage car rental for a wedding. In this case, when choosing the car for the wedding you can get advice from the rental professionals and opt for a powerful Bentley or a Duetto Alfa Romeo.

Remember that the vintage bridal car must conform to the style of the wedding. If it’s a modern ceremony, avoid a classic car. But if you have decided for a wedding in a villa or in a castle, a Rolls Royce, an Excalibur or a Chevrolet Torpedo will not make you go unnoticed.

Another detail not to be underestimated when choosing a vintage car for wedding is the bride’s dress. A very large and important suit, in fact, must have the necessary space in the car. No, therefore, to a two-seater. Better a Mercedes Cabriolet from the 1930s.

Wedding car: with or without driver?

One of the questions that many spouses ask themselves, when they think of renting a car for their most important day, is: is it better to rent a wedding car with driver or without?

In many cases, in fact, even if they rent a car, they prefer to have it driven by some close friend or one of the brothers of the couple. Forgetting, however, what are the advantages of a wedding car with driver. First of all, the possibility of being accompanied by a professional driver, who knows the car well and who knows how to behave, in case of problems or breakdowns to the car.

Choose the car for the wedding

In addition, a driver at your disposal makes you enjoy impeccable service in all the planned trips. He is the one who helps the bride to get into the car, who holds her bouquet as she gets out of the car, who arranges the jacket for the groom as he sits on the seat and who keeps fresh water.

Keep these pluses in mind, when you are about to rent a car for your wedding and if a company offers you the driver, check what his role will be for the whole day of the event.

Car for wedding: what are the costs?

The costs to rent a wedding car are variable and depend not only on the type of car chosen, but also on the rental company and on the presence or absence of the driver. In principle, the prices for renting the car of the couple range from 200 to 2000 euros and vary from:

  • 200 euros to 400 euros for a classic sedan.
  • 450 euros to 600 euros for a Limousine.
  • 500 euros to 1200 euros for a vintage car.

Then up to 1800/2000 euros for luxury cars like Ferrari. Consider that some wedding car rental companies offer you All Inclusive packages at great prices, which also include flower arrangements and a photo tour. While others, for a negligible price difference, also include the driver.

Our advice, however, is to ask for a detailed and transparent quote, in order to establish immediately how much the car rental for your wedding will affect the final budget.

Choose the car for the wedding with Service

And now? Now we just have to send you our best wishes. Both for choosing the best wedding car, and for what will be your most beautiful and unforgettable day. And remember that Wedding Limo Toronto

Service offers an ideal service in this case : you can choose the car for the wedding and crown the most beautiful day with an exclusive trip.