A qualitatively performed analysis of the obtained data is able to identify a number of interesting facts, trends, determine existing patterns. For example, it may turn out that you should not make certain bets or you must completely abandon the game at any particular time.

It is worth noting that, based on the study of a short period of time, it is impossible to make a correct long-playing forecast . The game of poker has its own cyclical nature even with a poker analyzer scanning system, so it will not be lucky all the time, and a daily gain of 10 bucks will not bring a monthly income of three hundred. To obtain objective data, it is necessary to collect information for at least a month.

So, in what form is it most convenient to collect information? For online poker conditions, the best option would be to use Excel spreadsheets. This program is available to any user. Remember, you need to do the sewerage for different poker rooms separately, so for each of them you need a separate table. Tournament statistics should also be kept separately . To obtain the maximum accurate result in the tables, you must specify factors such as:

  • Start and end time (full session duration).
  • The amount of bets when changing. If this is multi-tabling, the size at each table and the total number of tables should be noted.
  • Volumes of expense and income in each session.
  • It is regularly necessary to carry out subtotals: weekly, monthly, etc. This will determine the macro state of your bankroll.
  • Take into account all account replenishment / cashouts from the game account.

In addition, you can enter other additional information that will be useful to you. For example, time of day, physical / psychological state , as well as other points that could have an impact on the result.

Finally, consider a couple of examples of actions based on statistics:

  1. Is your winnings stable at tens of dollars per hour? So, you should think about further growth: an increase in limits or the number of tables.
  2. A constant small gain suggests the need for minor grinding of the game.
  3. If you seem to be playing the right game anyway, consider the use of programs like Poker card analyzer, they will help to identify various errors that you have not noticed.