To benefit from a more pleasant temperature in your home in summer, installing aircon can be essential. If you can carry out such an installation yourself, however, be aware that the commissioning of the device must be carried out by a professional with a certificate of capacity.

Choose suitable air conditioning

The operating principle of air conditioning produces cold thanks to a refrigeration cycle absorbing the heat present inside the home and rejecting it outside the building. Before proceeding with the purchase of an air conditioning system, it is important to choose a model that meets your needs and the characteristics of your home. 


In addition, depending on the performance of the building’s insulation, energy retrofits may be necessary to optimize the capacities of your air conditioner. Indeed, if poor insulation is responsible for energy losses in winter, it is the same in summer.

Perfect Choices

To choose the right air conditioner, many criteria must be taken into account such as its power, its noise level, etc. There are different types of air conditioner among which:

Monoblock air conditioners:

  • Device composed of one and the same block
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with small parts
  • An exhaust duct makes it necessary to install it near an opening (window, door, etc.)
  • Affordable purchase cost

The split air conditioners:

Device composed of two distinct blocks (one inside and one outside).

Multi-split air conditioners:

Device made up of more than two separate blocks (several inside and one outside)

Compatible with the air conditioning of an entire home or a very large room

To choose a quiet air conditioner, you should go for a split air conditioner. The wall-mounted , console, ducted and cassette split air conditioners are all perfectly silent and offer satisfactory performance. Please note that mobile split air conditioners are not silent. Just like monobloc air conditioners which can be very noisy in use. The energy label of the devices indicates their acoustic power.

Choosing a stationary air conditioner or a mobile air conditioner

To assess the air conditioning needs of a building, whether it is a house, apartment or other, a heat balance may be ideal so that the following criteria are taken into account:

  • surface of the room to be conditioned;
  • its exposure to the sun;
  • the number of times the room is opened;
  • the number of occupants.

These elements make it possible to choose the power of the device that will meet the needs of the inhabitants. Depending on whether the need is punctual or regular, concerns the whole home or just one room, models of mono block air conditioners and split air conditioners can be selected in fixed or mobile format.

A mobile air conditioner is a device mounted on a castor that can be used in different rooms as needed. Inexpensive and space-saving, however, it is only suitable for small rooms. It is, moreover, a noisy device. The fixed air conditioner, meanwhile, cannot change rooms since it is permanently installed.

Thus, depending on the type of air conditioner chosen, the installation will not be the same.

Choosing a reversible air conditioner

In order to benefit from a source of cooling the ambient air in summer and from a source of heating the ambient air in winter, it is possible to install a reversible air conditioner. Being able to use this device throughout the year makes it possible to optimize and make profitable its use. For this, the air conditioning system must be supplied by an air / air heat pump capable of producing heat in winter and cold in summer. To operate, this type of device uses the calories taken from the outside air.

The installation of this type of air conditioner is complex and the installation by a professional is strongly recommended.