People tend to suffer mentally amidst these situations. To keep up the sanity, we should take care of our mental health. We should exercise and meditate regularly, have a good sleep schedule, and entertain ourselves. What is a better option to consider ourselves than a good number of movies and other entertainment shows? With the surge in the number of online series and shows, we will never fall short of content in this digital age. Even in the movies section itself, are so many Indian movies online available to watch. You can head to aha app right now itself to watch many Telugu movies and web series. There are many romantic comedies in the Aha app that can give you a dose of laughter. Among many, ThellavaritheGuruvaram 2021 is a beautiful romantic comedy that is a must-watch.

ThellavaritheGuruvaram is a 2021 Indian Telugu-language rom-com movie composed by NagendraPilla. ManikanthGelli is the director of this movie. RajaniKorrapati and RavindraBenerjeeMuppaneni are the producers who produced the film under the flags of VaaraahiChalanaChitram and Loukya Entertainments. KaalaBhairava directed music in the movie. The film highlights Sri Simha, Chitra Shukla, and MishaNarang as the main characters. Veerendra (Sri SimhaKoduri) and Madhu (MishaNarang) seem to be glad to dive in and spend the rest of their lives with one another. When they’re finished putting on an act for their friends and family, both choose to flee from the wedding for their reasons. When they bumped into one another while running, they must select the option to fly together.

As they gradually open up about their past, fears, and purposes behind not needing this marriage, they figure out how to see each other better and help recuperate some disaster. The movie highlights that it’s not simply ladies; even men have their frailties and fears when they’re attempting and devoting towards marriage. With characters like Veerendra, Madhu, and Krishnaveni, the film has an extension to be a holding, carefree romantic comedy.

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