In this article, we are going to reveal some facts about a Vivo smartphone. This article is about the Vivo smartphone. Vivo is known for making amazing smartphones. Coming back to the topic, there is a model of Vivo called Vivo y12This particular model has newly arrived. It was launched in 2019. This has been in the trend since then. The Vivo model of phone has received more than average reviews. The body of any phone matters the most. This model of Vivo is available in two colors. To be precise, the one is aqua blue, and the other one is the burgundy red. These two colors are really trendy. As it gives the phone an aesthetic and classy look. This device works on Android. Also, it is a triple camera phone. There are a total of three cameras located there. One is the selfie camera. The other two cameras are located on the back of the phone. The selfie camera is 8MP. And the other two are 13MP+2MP. This proves it is a good quality of cameras. Other than that, the screen of a touch screen phone matters a lot. The size of the screen is

6.35-inch. This is the most common size of the screw. It will be convenient to use this phone. The most important thing is knowing about the interior body of the phone. So there are two slots to insert sim cards. It is a dual sim card smartphone. Also, there is a place to insert the memory card. The basic features of this device are the WLAN, Bluetooth, and much more. You can operate this smartphone accordingly. The major part is the price of this piece of technology. This phone is very affordable. Also, it only costs 12,490 RS. At this budget, it isn’t easy to find a smartphone like this. Also, it doesn’t lag. So there will be no stress related to this. It is definitely worth the money. Besides these things, the ram, storage, and battery are essential. Y12 has a storage of 64GB. This is quite a lot. There will be enough space for storage. When it comes to ram. The y12 Vivo has a ram of 3GB. The last is the battery. This model of Vivo has a battery capacity of 5000mAh. All these factors contribute a lot to this gadget.

Is it better than other smartphones

Well, the answer is between yes and no. In the end, it is a matter of convenience. Truth be told, there are many other devices like this. In general, Vivo has always offered a reasonable price to the audience. In the context of the y12 model. The features and functions of the smartphone are really impressive. Competitive to the other brands, this phone will not take a heavy toll on your pocket. 90% of the aspects of this phone are impressive. We hope our world will help you find a suitable way out.