Spacious or compact, every bathroom must be functional to ensure users’ comfort during daily tasks. Therefore, in addition to defining coatings, furniture, pottery, and lamps, attention must be paid to the choice and fixation of metals, as improperly installed accessories devalue the product’s usability and design. Learn how new toilet installation accessories is been done and to simplify this process:

Respect To The Size Of The Room

The selection of metals is not just a matter of taste but also of consistency with the room’s size – larger environments offer more possibilities both in the models and in the arrangement of the items; smaller bathrooms ask for more compact solutions. Therefore, it is essential to understand that the idea is to choose metals that harmonize with the available area and the style used in the layout. When in doubt, ask for guidance from a specifier (architect or interior designer) or plumbers near me.

Error-Free Installation

Since accessories need to be functional, items like towel racks and paper bags need to be available to residents. In this sense, the tip is to accompany the professional who will install the metals, measuring the dimensions according to the users’ height – as this range can vary a lot. Check:

Faucet Or Single-Lever: both fixed on the wall and the countertop, the tap must keep the distance of an open span between the tub and the spout (from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little finger), and the jet of water must go towards the drain. Then, choose a high or low spout model that best matches this instruction.

Clean Shower: it should be as accessible as possible from the hand, avoiding keeping the flexible (hose) leaning on the floor. Recommended height: between 0.70cm and 1.10m from the floor.

Soapdish In The Shower: the more practical there is during the bath, the more relaxing it becomes – so no soap dish too high (the recommended height is between 1m and 1.10m). Ideally, it should be close to the shower location.

Linear Towel Rack For Bath Towels: this model, especially with a double bar, is the most suitable for towels to ventilate better as it occupies more space on the wall. It is ideal for medium and large rooms – it should be positioned as close as possible to the shower box’s exit, allowing the person to pick up the towel without having to walk around the bathroom. Recommended height: between 1.50m and 1.80m from the floor.

Linear Towel Rack For Face Towel: to ensure that the user can dry their hands without dripping water on the way to the towel, the tip is to install the towel rack in bar 30 cm above the tub or fixed on the front of the countertop.

Ring Towel Rack: recommended for bathrooms and lavatories with smaller areas; it must be installed 30 cm above the basin.

Paper: to avoid discomfort when accessing the bin, fix it from 0.50m to 0.60m from the floor (at the attached box’s height).