We all love to go to the beach. Whether we’re going with our family, our friends, or on our own, nothing compares to enjoying the awesome sun in our cute swimwear while gulping on cold bottles of beer and looking ace in our Tom Ford Sunglasses. However, going to the beach without proper eye protection can be really inconvenient and dangerous. The rays and the glares from the sun can cause a wide range of eye diseases and sometimes, even blindness. Today, we will teach you the different types of glare that could cause inconvenience to beach goers who play or get a tan under direct sunlight without their sunglasses on.

The lightning glare. There are certain times of the day when the eyes get subjected to ten or twelve times more light than what they actually need. When this happens, the eyes can experience pain. Wear sunglasses that absorb or reflect the light. The amount of light that the lens can absorb will depend on how dark the lens coating is.

The discomforting glare. The lowest level of glare falls between 3,000 to 3,500 lumens. When the eye is unprotected and it is under direct sunlight, it can feel a slight squint. This squint can occur under any type of weather and even during cloudy days. The glare can cause eye fatigue especially among individuals who have light eye colors.

The veiling glare. Light can be really dangerous once it reaches the intensity of about 10,000 lumens. At this point, it can block vision making the eyes see only white flashes like light reflecting off car bumpers on a sunny day. The effect can be so intense that it overwhelms the eye with blinding light. This can impair vision. It can also put you in dangerous situations when driving or doing other activities.

So, keep your eyes protected. Before heading out to the beach, buy designer sunglasses that can offer you the maximum sun protection that you need.