Dealing with pawnbrokers Brisbane can do more than get you the money you need, it can teach you some very important life lessons you can apply in other parts of your life. It can teach you one of the most valuable skills you will need in your life – the art of negotiation.

Pawnbrokers almost always expect customers to negotiate the amount they can get for their valuable items. Pawnbroking requires a special negotiating skill in that it teaches you to know what your things are worth and to fight for the recognition that you know what you are doing. And by negotiating, we don’t mean haggling like they do at fish markets. It’s a deft, sophisticated method of negotiating what you want to do without being adversarial. 

The trick of being a successful negotiator is to be able to talk convincingly and get the other party to understand where you are coming from. When dealing with a Pawnbroker, it means having the facts laid out about the quality and the price. If you can demonstrate to the Pawnbroker that you know what you have and what it’s worth then you will have a better point to negotiate from. Pawnbrokers are master sales people, they have a knack of making you feel comfortable so you see and accept their point. Still, you should remember that they are trying to make as much profit from your gold and they may sound empathetic but their empathy has limits. When you go to a Pawnbroker your gold is to get as much cash as you can for your valuable items and theirs is to spend as little as possible to acquire your items. If we lived in a fair world, you and the Pawnbroker would work towards finding common ground or at least you would get something close to what you expect but that is not always the case. Pawnbrokers typically give out small loans. The loan amounts are between $50 and $350. It all depends on the condition of what you are pledging, its retail value and the demand for it. There is a lot to learn about negotiating from Pawnbrokers. Here are some things you could learn from Pawnbrokers: 

The Schmooze

Pawnbrokers have a way of making customers feel special. They will make you feel like they want you to be their friend. Schooling starts the minute you walk through the door. You get a smile and a warm greeting. They will then ask how they can be of assistance or rather what they can do for you. This is the point where customers launch into personal stories about what they have to pawn and why. Pawnbrokers Brisbane hear it all, they listen and by doing that – getting you to be personal with them – they can express their offer in a way that makes you feel like they truly have your interests at heart. Schmoozing is all about getting your trust. You accept a pawnbroker’s offer when you trust that they have given you the best deal.  Trust is an important aspect, a pawnbroker will work hard to attain it and it should be the first thing you establish when you are looking for pawnbrokers Brisbane – are the trustworthy and do they have a good reputation? 

High aspirations, realistic expectations

When you are in negotiations, you get what you want if you are the one making the offer first. However, you should not price your items so high that you are laughed out of the room. It’s good to have high aspirations but you need to be realistic. 

Dealing with Perceptions

In the pawn broking business, a deal on the table is better than no deal at all. Pawnbrokers will try to change your perceptions by talking your item down. You could say it’s a one of a kind ring and they could say, it won’t be as fabulous to the next person. He or she might point out flaws to justify giving you an amount that is lower than what you expected.  Your job is to counter that and the best way to do that is to find out as much as you can about your items and be able to demonstrate that there is a market for your item. But since you are pawning with the intention of getting it back, if the pawnbroker can see how important the item is to you, they may be willing to meet you half way.