Do you think 5G only brings an increase in network speed? Apart from fast network speed, 5G has another important feature. D2D (Device to Device). It is the direct exchange of information between devices.

At present, equipment communication has a transmission structure of equipment-base station-equipment. For example, I send you a message face to face. This information will be transmitted to a distant base station. And then pass it on to your phone. It is not that two mobile phones transmit.

5G eliminates the need for base station forwarding between two devices. The two devices exchange data information. This takes the pressure off the base station. It is conducive to the information transmission between adjacent devices. Because 5G works in the frequency band will not be interfered by other electromagnetic waves. It’s more stable. You can buy the Latest HONOR Mobile Phones to experience 5G technology.

More importantly, D2D can make the Internet of Things possible. It means that all equipment is connected to the network. On the way off work, you can use HONOR mobile phone to turn on your home equipment.

D2D allows devices within a home to connect. This reduces the pressure on the base station and reduces power consumption. One of the most important components of the Internet of things is the Internet of cars. Real-time road conditions and vehicle conditions are complex. Only when connected to the Internet at any time, can automatic driving be realized.

D2D is important for car networking. When approaching other vehicles or roads. Short-range communication can be carried out in real time without pairing. In this way, key information such as position and speed can be exchanged. The safety of driving and the traffic efficiency of the entire road network will be improved.

Another feature of 5G network is “low delay”. It can push the delay to millisecond. The maximum effect of low delay can be used to support new technologies such as automatic driving. When the vehicle is running at high speed, any delay will make the vehicle run tens or even hundreds of meters more. This is likely to cause huge losses. Only when the millisecond delay is achieved can people rest assured of the automatic driving.

When 5G is popularized, every car can carry out D2D communication. Communication delays are compressed to the millisecond level. The Internet of vehicles can really be perfected.

The biggest role of 5G is not just to improve the existing experience, but to bring a new experience of information consumption. 5G networks connect everything. It becomes the infrastructure of the Internet of Things, transforming every one of our lives.