We're Designing Our "Dream" Dorm Rooms If We Could Go Back (+ ...

Your college years serve as your gateway to living a somewhat independent life. On your own, you forge new friendships, try to navigate the career you want to pursue, and in the process — discover a side of yourself you’ve probably never seen before. And bearing witness to these moments is your college dorm room.

This space is a representation of sorts of who and what you are. That’s why it’s important to decorate and customize it accordingly — for instance, jazz it up with personalized college christmas ornaments. In this article, we’re giving you 11 must-know tips on how to personalize your dorm room without losing its functionality.

Know the rules of your college dorm. Don’t make your design ideas futile — first and foremost, you have to inquire about the rules of your college dorm. Know what’s allowed and what’s not, and base your plan on these rules.

Opt for multi-purpose furniture. To maximize the space of your room (which you might be sharing with another person), invest in furniture that serves more than just one purpose — for instance, a bookshelf that may function as a bench.

Make sure it’s comfortable. Once you’re in college, you’ll get swamped with tons of requirements. To help you survive your college life, it’s important to have a comfortable space where you can energize. Accentuate your bed with pillows and blankets that suit your personality.

Put a light source on your desk. Staying up late to finish a paper is a normal college life scenario. Take care of your eyes by putting an ample light source like a lamp on your desk.

Organize and declutter. Things can be hectic while you’re in college, so one of the skills you have to arm yourself with organizing and decluttering. To help you out, invest in storage boxes and crates to help your segregate and keep your belongings safe.

Allocate space for important documents. Speaking of belongings, it’s also important to allocate space for the important stuff — like your passport and college forms.

Create a memo board. One of the things you need to overcome in college: Deadlines. To help you keep track of your requirements and activities, put up a memo board which you can decorate with calendar, sticky notes, and even personalized college Christmas ornaments

Decorate with photos and artworks. You can also spice up your wall or your desk with special mementos including family photos and personal artworks.

Invest in wallpaper sheets. If you want to have a focal point in your room, try putting up a wallpaper sheet in one of your walls.

Spruce up your room with music. Apart from adorning your room with decorative pieces like personalized college Christmas ornaments, you can also “personalize” it by playing songs you love on high-quality speakers.

Liven it up with plants and flowers. Add a touch of nature to your room by placing potted plants on key locations, like your desk, bookshelf, and side table. Not only will these plants help create a cozy mood, but they can also improve the air quality in your room.

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