After you’ve attained a little success, you might feel like it’s time you started expanding. Whether you’re looking to make a profit in your pool cleaning business or earn more cash as a full-service pool services company, note that this industry can offer you a great opportunity. As such, you can use pool service software to help you work smarter to improve your business’s operating efficiencies. Plus it can help you increase your revenue. It allows you to clearly communicate with customers through automated scheduling, online booking, and GPS-based tracking and dispatching. Additionally, it lets you use customized information reporting to monitor and boost your technicians’ productivity for increased profits.

Offer more Services

Remember that people planning to get a pool and existing pool clients are always seeking repairs and pool cleaning services among other services. Considering this, you could look into expanding your business by setting up a pool services section and even having a pool management solution like Pool Office Manager. Also, you can create and hire a cleaning and maintenance workforce of your own. Your maintenance unit would need to have cleaning equipment and supplies plus a van. When you’re considering installation, you could team up with local contractors to provide different services to your clients. This ensures you’ll get a small part of the job while your contractors have a steady stream of work.


Another way of expanding your pool company is by opening more shops in different locations. However, this will require planning. Before you open more locations, be sure to spend some months collecting your customers’ locations to identify areas where your services and products are needed. Also, carry out demographic searches about the locations you aren’t offering services in, to establish if your targeted audience is there. If there’s a huge pool-owner population without competition, then you should consider starting a smaller location. One that focuses on maintenance accessories and chemicals and then build it over time.

Upsell Products and offer discounts

People who purchase pools tend to buy tables, deck chairs, outdoor deck boxes, and umbrellas. With that in mind, you should consider growing your product line to offer additional products and services that compliment your pool cleaning services. These should be things that you don’t currently sell. Also, consider selling landscaping materials used around pool areas like path stones, gravel, and park benches as accessories alongside pool installation. Be sure to carry out more research to identify accessories that people always want to have along with a new pool or when the pools are being repaired.

Additionally, consider teaming up with other local companies to offer group discounts to prospective clients and company employees. The idea behind group discounts is to increase your company’s visibility and to reach a bigger audience who had never considered buying a pool. When you offer your customers discounts and more goods to complement their pool installations, they’ll feel more valued, and in turn, you’ll increase your revenue.

Pool cleaning services offer more room for expansion. Therefore, don’t miss an opportunity to improve your pool services, as this will provide a steady income for your pool company.