Today, organizations are investing in online compliance training like those offered through True Office Learning. Online training allows learners a self-paced and personalized experience without disrupting their work schedules. Compliance training may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But everyone stands to benefit from participating in one. Since it covers both internal and external laws your employees can understand how issues of ethics and compliance affect their different roles.

Whether compliance training is conducted through eLearning or led by an instructor, organizations must make their compliance training effective. This will not only help meet the set compliance standards but also save on time and resources. For compliance training from True Office Learning to be effective and build a safe working environment for your employees, there are certain elements your training should have.

A compliance training program encompasses many different elements. The following 4 things are a must-have for effective compliance training.

Clearly defined goals

The overall objective of the compliance training is to ensure compliance with all the laws that apply to your organization. To achieve this, employees must first meet the small goals that makeup compliance. When the goals are set out clearly, employees are motivated to achieve acceptable standards and consequently develop a healthy workplace culture. Furthermore, having well-defined goals ensures you focus on the relevant compliance areas. Instead of exposing your employees to generic training content, understanding the goals to be achieved ensures only the correct and necessary information is communicated. This helps save time, especially in a busy working environment.

Monitoring results

Your compliance training should allow you to analyze and improve where needed. This capability allows you to gauge the quality of your compliance training material. Some of the information that can be analyzed when monitoring performance includes results from assessment quizzes, feedback from employees, engagement rates, and the type of accessibility devices on hand. With this information, you can be able to tailor your compliance training to suit the needs of your organization.

Focused training design

Another must-have element of your compliance training is a customized and personalized training approach. Since compliance training is mandatory, organizations are tempted to rush through the training. This can however be avoided by designing your content to ensure the training focuses on aspects that are relevant and correct as per your company needs.  With a focused design, the emphasis is made on important aspects allowing your employees to retain and comply with relevant standards.


Organizations have a responsibility to ensure that compliance training is easily accessible to learners at their convenience. The best way to ensure easy access to training content is through online compliance training. eLearning platforms support 24/7 availability for employees engaged in a busy work environment. These platforms allow you to update changes to the course content in real-time. Your choice of eLearning software should also provide accessibility across multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops at the convenience of the learner.

Organizational compliance training programs encompass many different elements.  And in including the above elements, you’ll be able to set up effective compliance training programs for your employees.