Goa predominately has a catholic community and the state is home to several churches, some of which are centuries old. Read on to know more about the popular churches in Goa that are worth visiting.

Every year, millions of tourists from across the globe visit Goa. The fun-loving vibe, pristine beaches, party spots attract tourists to the state. But, Goa also has another side to it. Some tourists come here to know about its history, and explore its rich cultural heritage. And, there is no better place to know about Goa’s history and its glorious colonial past than visiting some of its churches.

Goa has several churches, and some of them are popular among the tourists. No matter if you are spiritually inclined or not, visiting these churches will bring you up close and personal with Goa’s history. If you are planning a trip to Goa from Delhi, it is better to book your ticket in advance so that you have better chances of getting Delhi to Goa cheap flight tickets.

Basilica of Bom Jesus

One of the oldest churches in Goa, the Basilica of Bom Jesus is a popular spot among the tourists. Built in the 15th Century, the interiors of the church reflect the fine craftsmanship and architectural brilliance of the Portuguese rulers.

Apart from its beauty, the Church is also famous for holding the mortal remains of Saint Francis Xavier, a Catholic missionary during the 15th Century. Nestled in Old Goa, it is a must-visit church on your trip to Goa.

Se Cathedral

From one of the oldest churches in Goa, let us move to the largest Church in Goa. The grandeur of Se Cathedral will surely leave you in awe. Built by the Roman Catholics during the Portuguese role, the church is dedicated to St. Catherine and the most popular attraction here is the Great Golden Bell.

Listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you cannot click pictures inside the church, but you can surely carry the beauty of this place in your memories.

Church of St. Cajetan

If you are visiting South Goa, you must not miss visiting the Church of St. Cajetan. The architecture may not look the most pleasing from the outside, but you would surely be surprised by the beautiful interiors. Built using the Corinthian architecture, the Church walls and ceilings consist of fine and intricate Baroque style carvings and paintings.

The Church is open only for a few hours in the day for the public, so make sure that you check the timings before you visit the church.

Mae De Deus Church

Known for its brilliant architecture, Mae De Deus Church is one of the most beautiful churches in Goa. Painted in white, the church exteriors will remind you of the great castles from Disneyland. The church looks even better at night under the artificial lights that illuminate the walls. One of the best beaches to visit in North Goa, the Mae De Deus Church should be on your must-visit place.

Church of Our Lady of the Mount

One of the most beautiful and old churches in Goa, the interiors of the Church of Our Lady of the Mount church will surely leave you enthralled. Situated on the banks of the Mandovi River, right next of the Se Cathedral, the church receives thousands of visitors every day, and it holds a great significance for the locals. Devotees throng the church on the day of the feast.

Final Word

This was our list of top 5 must-visit churches in Goa. Apart from the Churches Goa also has several other tourist attractions, including the beaches, forts and many more.