Swim spas are gaining popularity with people who like swimming regularly and enjoying relaxation in a hot tub. They are relatively smaller than full-sized swimming pools and have cheaper operating costs and retail pricing. As such, if you intend to buy a 67 jets swim spa in Austin, TX, it can be a versatile addition to your home, which could be used for cooling off or swimming or as a hot tub. Besides, it is a substantial investment to buy a swim spa, and you must only invest in a good quality product. Hence, before the purchase, you need to consider a few factors. So, here is a complete list:

Place to Install

Swim spas are available in a variety of sizes and require ample surface area to withstand the weight after being filled with water. So, you have the choice of installing the swim spa indoors or outdoors. And if you are considering placing it indoors, check with the ventilation system. It is ideal to surround your spa by decking or to put it on a concrete patio. You can also get the look of the inground swimming pool by opting for a recessed installation.

Consider the Swimming Experience

The swimming experience is an essential consideration while buying a swim spa. You must try out different swim spas and find out what meets your needs best. You must also know that the current generated in swim spas creates turbulence that is not observed in ordinary swimming pools. However, you can reduce turbulence through smart tank designs. It is best to take note of different shapes and how they affect swimming.

It is often challenging to remain centered in the swimming current, so select the spa that has a deep and wide swimming current. Visual cues and stabilizer jets also help the swimmer stay in the sweet spot. Hence, it is best if the retailer offers a wet test so you can judge all these factors.

Soaking Experience

Buyers often do not consider the soaking experience before buying a swim spa. But, you should not eliminate the aspect of relaxation associated with the swim spa. While purchasing a swim spa, you must ensure that the massage options and seating area are best suited for your needs. And if you do not consider the features, it may lead to regrets in the future. A wet test is key to helping you understand the soaking experience you would likely enjoy in the future.


Nobody wants to fret over the maintenance of the swim spa. For this reason, a  67 jets swim spa in Austin, TX, could be the product of your choice. Meanwhile, you must have easy access to the mechanical components of a spa by leaving ample space on each side. Your swim spa also needs to have an efficient and easy filtration system to cut down on maintenance regularly. In-line chemical feeders or built-in vacuum systems can also reduce your maintenance efforts.

Energy-Efficient Features

Swim spas are designed for use even in the winters, and they must not cause a dent in your pocket. And if you consider using the swim spa all year round, you can choose from a wide range of insulated swim spas available. You must also look for other energy-efficient features like low amp water pumps and high water filtration speed to save some costs.

Swim spas are made to offer you comfort and a relaxing experience after a long, tedious day. The above-discussed factor will guide you and make you feel confident during the buying process.