Standard maintenance is an essential part of operating any form of machinery. Industrial air compressors, however, require a different approach. Essentially, to ensure that your compressors work smoothly, you must prevent issues rather than react to them.

Consider this example. In the U.S., the average price of an industrial air compressor sits somewhere around $36,500. That’s still not the primary concern. The majority of the costs of operating an air compressor comes from its electricity usage.

Conversely, states like Nevada have high air pollution levels. Thus, before contacting quincy compressor distributors in Reno, NV, you must first know some essential maintenance tips.

Otherwise, you will have to pay an excessive amount to operate a faulty air compressor. Continue reading to understand which essential components of your potential air compressor need to be maintained.

Essential components to maintain in an air compressor

Some components in a compressor need to be inspected, cleaned and lubricated consistently. These components are as follows:

  1. Air Filter

The entire purpose of an air compressor is to produce clean, pure and compressed air. To do that, the air that goes into the compressor must be filtered. This is where maintaining the air filter is crucial.

Thus, sticking with a dirty filter will create future problems. Clean that filter regularly. The more frequently you do it, the better.

  1. Oil Filter

Oil will degrade the compressed air quality if it passes through the compressor’s internal systems. This is often common in pneumatic spray painters and air cleaners.

Subsequently, you must ensure that any oil is absent from the compressed air when it’s leaving the machine.

Conduct weekly inspections of your oil filter in addition to lubricating the compressor. Ideally, you should replace the oil filter at set intervals depending on usage.

  1. Motor Bearings

All the bearings must be lubricated well for a compressor’s motor to run smoothly. Those tiny metal bits constantly roll against each other. Moreover, the interior walls of its round encasement are consistently facing friction.

If not correctly taken care of, rust could begin to form on the motor bearings. If this happens, the bearings will slow down over time before eventually getting stuck. At this point, the compressor’s motor will fail.

Thus, lubricating the motor bearings is critical. Similar to the oil filter, conduct inspections and lubricate them at regular intervals. An ideal time span would be every 4,000 hours of usage.

  1. Other things to check

A mistake that most operators make is disregarding the negative impact old lubricant can have. It’s essential to ensure that all compressor components are greased well. However, it is equally vital that you remove older applications of lubricant.

Often, old lubricant can change in terms of its viscosity. This leads to it becoming a corrosive agent, eventually affecting all compressor parts.

Apply a fresh coat of lubricant every three months to be safe.

Wrapping up

There are a lot of other components in an industrial air compressor that need to be consistently looked after. The ones listed above are the most apparent.

It would be best to bring up the issue of maintenance when approaching quincy compressor distributors in Reno, NV. Besides, learning directly from the supplier about ensuring a longer lifespan for your compressor is always a more intelligent decision.