Small bean bag chairs for decoration are becoming more and more common in our homes. Their presence is basically because they are a functional element since they have several uses, and they also bring an elegant or youthful air to the room. They were invented in 1968; we can see them in homes and stores, coffee shops, and libraries.

Bean bag chairs, also known as “giant cushion,” are soft furniture in which they can sit comfortably or even lie down. Bean bag chairs consist of two main parts: the fabric and the filling.

Regarding the fabric, there are many types. On the filling, there are several types: natural (rice, for example), feathers, cotton, polystyrene, or polyester.

There are two types of bean bag chairs:

  • Traditional: it is a moldable chair of different sizes and material in which we can sit or even lie down. It is molded to the body and is filled with rice grains, feathers, cotton, polystyrene, or polyester.
  • Padded benches with more solid shapes: they are more versatile than traditional benches since they are more rigid and serve not only to sit but also as a support point for objects. They can be white, box type (with space for storage inside), supplementary table, extra chair.

There are many types of bean bag chairs, depending on the material, the shape, or use. There is no doubt that there are bean bag chairs for all decoration styles and almost any service.

Bean bag chairs are characterized by being a versatile element due to their multiple forms.

  • Square and rectangular: they offer a more stable surface, and as they are of the padded bench type, they can be used not only to sit but also as footrests, side tables, etc.
  • Round: they can be more or less stable. They are perhaps the most common nowadays.
  • Pear: they are of the traditional type, quite comfortable, and there are them in all sizes. They are ideal for young people. Besides, they allow not only sitting but also lying down.
  • Pyramidal: it is the refined version of the pear-shaped ones.
  • Free: there are bean bag chairs that are even shaped like a sofa. Here the imagination is what commands, and we can find unusual shapes.

The bean bag chairs to decorate offer a great variety of fabrics and qualities, so we find:

  • Bean bag chairs upholstered in fabric or wool: a trend that never goes out of fashion is patchwork. It is a technique used to make bedspreads, cushions, and bean bag chairs, among others.
  • Canvas.
  • Wicker or rattan: they are ideal for outdoors or for gardens. Also, for environments based on the Nordic decoration as it brings much naturalness.
  • Trapillo: is a type of pouf that you can make yourself using the trapillo technique.
  • Leather or fur: they are the most expensive, and the Moroccan Ottomans stand out, ideal for ethnic decorations.

One of the things that characterize bean bag chairs is their versatility and functionality. Perhaps this is the reason why more and more people are choosing this type of furniture.

Small bean bag chairs can be used to decorate different rooms of the house:

  • Bedside table
  • Extra chair
  • Under the console in the hall or the living room
  • As a footrest
  • As a foot of the bed
  • Coffee table