Do you think gemstone jewelry is for hippies? Think again. Everyone can benefit from the beauty and healing properties of semiprecious stones.

The benefits of gemstones are widely acknowledged. Stones store ancient energy from the earth and universe, and they can transfer it to your body. Each stone has its own strengths.

The best way to enjoy a semiprecious stone’s benefits is to wear it as jewelry, so it is close to your body and always with you. Are you wondering what you can gain from wearing a gemstone? Keep reading to learn more about semiprecious stones and 5 ways to benefit from them.

What Are Semiprecious Stones?

Only four stones are classified as precious – diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. All other stones are considered semiprecious. However, many people find these categories offensive.

Every stone is a unique piece of natural art with healing properties. Most gemstone enthusiasts agree that all stones are precious, regardless of their official label. Let’s take a look at the benefits they can offer.

  1. Heal Your Heartache

If you’re suffering from a broken heart, turn to rose quartz for comfort. The stone’s gentle energy is linked to love and romance. It can heal emotional damage, support self-love, and open your heart to new beginnings.

Wear a rose quartz pendant over your heart to fully experience its benefits.

  1. Stay Grounded

The power of jasper stones to bring about a sense of inner peace is strong. For centuries, they have been used by various cultures to soak up energy from the earth.

When you wear jasper, your energy syncs with the planet’s energy. You will feel grounded and deeply rooted in nature.

Do you often find yourself fixated on past events, or worried about the future? A jasper stone can help you stay connected to the present moment.

  1. Soothe Your Soul

Blue lace agate is visually and energetically soothing. It is the color of the ocean, so it evokes calming thoughts of waves lapping against the shore.

It is known for its ability to quiet the mind. If you are having trouble finding clarity in your current situation, hold blue lace agate in your hand, close your eyes, and breathe deeply.

  1. Boost Your Energy

Deep red garnets are thought to provide their wearers with a mental and physical energy boost. In addition to feeling revitalized, you might notice that you are more confident. Wear garnet jewelry during exercise or when you need some extra stamina.

  1. Get Inspired

Are you experiencing a creative blockage? Jumpstart your imagination with citrine. It stimulates the brain and sparks enthusiasm and joy.

A piece of citrine jewelry can help you turn your dreams into reality. Many artists say citrine helps them embrace self-expression and sell their work successfully.

Enjoy the Benefits of Semiprecious Stones

Now that you know more about semiprecious stones, you can enjoy their many benefits. Buy yourself a piece of gemstone jewelry when you need to boost your creativity or mend a broken heart. Semiprecious stones also make great gifts.

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