Most people in this world are users of smartphones. The service a smartphone provides is immeasurable in terms of value. So much so, to state, it has become another part of a human wouldn’t be inaccurate. Kids to elderly, all use smartphones. Just keep moving, and one will witness this for sure. From professionals to sportsmen are seen carrying their smartphones in person. One of the main reasons, it is, that a smartphone caters to one’s personal and official usage.

Hence the management of its internal working order is of great importance. With efficient management and control, not only the working efficiencies increase, but will bring about easiness of operating the smartphone. To cater to this requirement in the best manner, a smart app, incorporating modern technology has been brought about. It’s the File Explorer Smart App. Let’s focus on some of its critical and important features that will do a whole lot of good to the users.

Features of ES File Manager

ES File Manager will serve in multiple areas of management, where most needed. Files, media, network, and application. It has some bonus features too. Will look at those as well. Terms been technical, most of us may not be too familiar, and this is a good opportunity to get to know them and understand their functions, that keeps the smartphones serving its users so well. ES will keep track on the software files/apps such as, documents, photos/images, music, videos, and all the other apps in the smartphone and manage them to meet technical specifications, that apply to them to function good.

As smartphone users, we have come across situations, where lots of time is spent on accessing exactly what is required. Bookmark feature will enable users to precisely access what they require at that moment, eliminating the need to search. Search and share. Cut, Copy & Paste. Delete, the basics are featured. Access to ES interface is offered from the home screen with its shortcut feature. Apply Thumbnail feature on video, photo and apk files and the likes, for quick display. Choose viewing with grid or file mode as per your choice. ES will also manage files in the back up SD card.

All these functions carried out by ES File Explorer Smart App, will maintained the battery power in the most suitable way. Will eliminate unnecessary battery drain and extend the working duration of the smartphone, minimising the battery re-charging. And the importance and convenience of this is understood no better, than smartphone users.

Leave the management of the software features to ES File Manager| File Explorer Smart App. It will do just that, the way it is meant to. And all the smartphone users will be free to continue working on their smartphones with no added worry and strain of having to think of the functions ES Smart App will do, whenever you are engaged with your smartphone. Now,isn’t that wonderfully helpful? There is just one answer. A big“YES” indeed.

Install ES File Manager on Android TV

It is essentials to have a good file manager like ES File manager on Android TV or Fire TV. Because you may use apps to download music, photos, movies and tv shows. Since many TV boxes has very little internal storage space, eventually it will run out of space. You can use good file explorers like this to clean your Android TV box storage. First download ES File explorer apk to your phone or PC. Then install latest version of Applinked, Filesynced or unlinked app. Here I am using Applinked. Then create your own applinked store and upload es file explorer apk. Use your applinked code to install this app for free.