Exercise does not only mean you maintain a slimmer body or stay in shape. Among the most vital factors one can perform to keep their health intact is to perform regular exercises. Physical activities often help you to maintain healthy body weight, helps strengthen their muscles and bones, and enhances ability to perform daily chores with ease. Many research has proven that performing physical activities help one to get rid of mental health conditions such as stress, depression and anxiety as well.

It also helps to maintain a great health avoiding any chronic diseases that may cause harm to your health. With that being said, it must be understood that physical activities on a regular basis is vital to everyone’s lifestyle. If you are someone who wants to start working out, or maybe you have already started on it and looking for the best way to monitor your workout statistics and performance.

This is crucial as you may be able to keep records of your data and analyse them for better purposes. One of the ideal apps to perform this task has been developed for absolutely free for all android users out there, ‘Fitpro’ it is. Just as the name suggests one will be able to be fit as well as a pro at the end of the day with the app by their side.

About FitPro APK

The app allows you to detect and monitor health measures such as heart rate, sleep quality, sports data, blood pressure, and many more. The app will also provide an evaluation of this data to the user so that he can have his health measures right on track. The app is extremely convenient to monitor and keep track of your life and health on a daily basis.

Unlike any ither app, Fitpro will also make is extremely easy to carry around because it is compatible with any smart bracelet device and can be connected while working out or going out. The app also comprises of a sports function that allows you to activate GPS positioning which will run your location details so that the duration, distance, and other measurements can be analysed.

The app is also connected to the Health Kit that runs data and information related to your health synchronously so that you can be updated 24/7. The app will make your life much more convenient and also super healthy with all of its benefits. You can now start your workout with no hassle whatsoever because all of the data will be provided after evaluation to you.

If you are someone who possesses unhealthy levels of blood pressure or even at an unhealthy level of your heartbeat rising, the app will provide details and notify you of the instance to allow you to stay fit at all times. With Fitpro by your side you will indeed be the pro of being fit. Show off all your stats to all of your friends and family about how fit you are. Stay fit and healthy with Fitpro!

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Download FitPro APK

This is a free fitness tracking and health application available for all Android phones, smart bracelets, smart watches and more. You can install this application on any of those devices without any issue using AC Market or HappyMod apk. Does not need to register or subscribe when using AC Market app store. It is completely free to use.