In business, freight forwarding has become a major part of transporting goods. Irrespective of the type of product, a freight forwarder is necessary to maintain the supply chain. However, there are certain facts that some people still don’t know because either they have not indulged much in the industry or they are still new to the domain. Fret not, we are here to enlighten you with some must-know points which you are might not aware of. Read below to know more.


  • Product restriction 


Your freight forwarding provider cannot ship all the goods that you want. There is a strict set of regulations that your freight forwarders need to follow for shipping certain products to certain areas. Be it air or ocean freight, the list of restricted goods can change according to the final destination of the goods. Some common items that are restricted to shipping in several countries are, 

  • Batteries: It is said that batteries can explode while shipping, so they are dangerous.
  • Alcohol: Some gulf countries don’t allow shipping of alcohol to their country as it is harem there.
  • Flammable liquids: Due to the volatile nature of the goods, these liquids are not allowed to ship.
  • Drugs: Nobody wants the citizen of their country to become hippies.
  • Sharp Objects: Due to safety issues, these goods are restricted from shipping.
  • Perishable goods: These goods may or may not be shipped depending upon the delivery.

It is suggested that you confirm from your freight forwarding company about the products that can be shipped to your desired destination.


  • Services offered by freight forwarders 


A large variety of services are provided by your freight forwarding company that will help you to ship a variety of products easily. Some services offered are:


  • Custom clearance


All the ports present around the world have their own set of rules which are needed to be followed to allow easy clearance of goods. Your freight forwarder is responsible for helping you clear your customs.


  • Documentation for import and export


The documentation required for import and export is requested by your freight forwarder for smooth clearance of customs. These documentations may vary based on the country of import and export.


  • Insurance of your freight 


A lot could happen when your goods are transported, therefore your freight forwarder will extend the services for insuring goods. The goods can be insured to safeguard the goods if any damage is done to them. 


  • Packaging 


When your goods will be exported from the country of origin to destination, good packaging is required. The task can be very complexed based on the location of the destination. Packaging should be done to ensure that no damage is done to the goods when they are shipped from one place to another.


  • Storage of goods 


Before your goods are transported, your freight forwarding company will help you with the storage of goods in their warehouse.


  • Managing your inventory 


The management of inventory is an important service provided by freight forwarding service providers. This service allows you to maintain the supply chain and allow an easy flow of goods. 


  • Delay in shipping


If you want to get your goods delivered quickly and your freight forwarder is promising for quick delivery, but if it doesn’t happen as promised, then you can’t curse your freight forwarder. Getting your products delivered late would make you extremely agitated but it is not in the hands of your freight forwarder. When your product is going through any oceanic route, several reasons can delay your shipping. Some reasons why your product might get delayed are bad ocean weather, ship breakdown, delays in the port, the problem with customs, change of routes, and others. However, your company will do everything that they could to resolve these issues.


  • Steps were taken by freight forwarders


The process taken by the freight forwarding companies to perform efficient and easy freight forwarding are given below:


  • Haulage of export 


Your products are transferred from the source of origin to the warehouse of the freight forwarders.


  • Custom clearance of exports 


To send your goods to a different country, your goods should clear the custom check. The custom check is performed to ensure that your goods are not carrying something illegal and are following the international shipping standards. Once the goods get clearance for shipping from the country of origin, they are good to go.


  • Origin handling 


When all your goods are thoroughly checked by the customs they are unloaded from the warehouse, checked by the officials, and then the booking documentation is checked.


  • Custom handling of imports 


All the paperwork involved in the imports of goods would be thoroughly checked by the customs officers. This will ensure that everything is good with the goods entering the country. 


  • Destination handling


Once the goods have reached their final destination, they will be managed and segregated and then sent to the import warehouses which are nearest to the final destination. 


  • Haulage of imports 


This is the final step of freight forwarding, this requires hauling of the goods from the warehouse to its final destination. 


  • The need for a well-built network 


When you are looking for a freight forwarder to ship your goods overseas, you should ensure that the company you are choosing is well-established and have some connections with them. The experienced freight forwarding company will provide you unmatchable quotes and provide timely delivery of your goods to the desired destination. 

Moreover, any problem that might occur while transportation of goods would be handled by the company if they are experienced as they would have already encountered the problem before. So, experienced professionals are always suggested for shipping goods.

Freight forwarding is a business that has become important for moving your goods globally. A major portion of the goods is transported with the help of freight forwarding companies. These facts will help you to transport your goods easily without much problem, so note them for the transportation of your next shipment.