5 Types of Entrance Doors for Your Home | Homeonline

During the construction of a house or renovation there are many points that need to be considered, one of them is the choice of doors that will be used by the house. The door to the room is one of the most important items. The door will be responsible for making the first impression on everyone who visits your home and should be chosen according to the style of the house, it needs to match what is inside the environment. But you also have to worry about the quality of the material.

There are several options of doors that can be used in the rooms and that are why it is easier to find a model that suits you, but it is good to know the characteristics of each type first. For more information visit here, https://sgdoors.net/category/bedroom-door/.

Wooden Door to Living Room

The wooden doors for rooms are made of solid wood that can withstand the action of external effects; they are the most used option both for its quality and beauty. Wood is a great option for those who want a more resistant material and at the same time beautiful, it is a classic and fits in any type of decoration and has high durability.

Iron Door to Living Room

Despite being an option, the iron doors are not very suitable for use at the entrance of the house; this is because they are of inferior quality to other options and suffer a lot of wear due to direct contact with rain and sun. The iron doors do not have a very good aesthetic and spoil the beauty of the construction. 

Glass Door to Living Room

The glass doors are very beautiful options, allow sunlight to enter and make the environment cleaner and lighter, but it is always necessary to remember that glass can take away much of the privacy of the environment and require the constant use of curtains. This option is also not very safe, as the glass can scratch and may even break.

Aluminum Door for Living Room

The aluminum door is also an interesting option for the living room. Because it is a lightweight and durable material, it has been widely used in living room doors. The only drawback is that aluminum doors are generally the most expensive options on the market, but with very high durability.

Types of opening a Room Door

Another thing that needs to be defined before buying your door to the room is as to the type of opening that will be used, for the room there are two most common models, they are:


This is the most common model, the classic open and close, it has three hinges attached to the stop by one of the sides. It is the cheapest option and has advantages such as comfort, better sealing and better sound insulation.


The pivoting door has the same opening system as conventional doors, that is, through a turn. The main advantage is the finishing because the joints are not apparent and its opening system is more modern.