If you are seeking rehab for addiction, you might be wondering: How long will it last?

It may seem intimidating at first to commit to a lengthy treatment program, and you may be afraid of what your family and friends will think. But treatment for drug addiction takes time and will lead to a more positive and happy life for you and your family.

So if you’re wondering, “How long is drug rehab,” read on to get some insight into the length of treatment and what you might experience in that time.

30 Day Programs

The shortest rehab program lasts about 30 days. If this is your first time going to rehab, this is a good way to start — especially if you don’t know how much treatment you’ll need to recover from your addiction.

This is the easiest program to commit to because of its shorter duration and lower cost. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of care. A 30-day program will likely include a two-week detox period, with therapy sessions and other forms of treatment.

When it comes to the psychology of addiction recovery, 30 days is not really long enough, but it is a good step in the recovery process. It will give patients a good chance to take a step back and look at their life, and decide whether further treatment is needed.

60 Day Programs

A 60-day rehab for drug addiction will benefit those who need a longer time to detox and plan a course of action for treatment.

After your medically monitored detox, you will begin therapy sessions and counseling. You’ll have time to join support groups and plan for after-treatment care. You’ll also focus on building skills and coping mechanisms to prevent relapse. You’ll also begin practicing the positive and healthy habits needed to maintain an addiction-free life.

A 60-day rehab will allow you time to build relationships with your cohort and form a bond around recovery.

90 Day Programs

A 90-day program may seem very intimidating at first, but it is the most effective at treating addiction. The longer time spent in rehab will give you more time to adjust to a substance-free life. In a 90-day program, you’ll have time to adjust to the feelings of temptations and practice resistance.

The longer you seek treatment and have support, the better your chances will be at remaining substance-free. In a 90-day program, you’ll go through detox, individual, and group therapy sessions, be involved in self-help groups, and develop an aftercare plan. You’ll learn some post rehab tips and have time to practice and refine the skills needed to remain sober.

So, How Long Is Drug Rehab?

Knowing “how long is drug rehab” depends on the severity of your addiction and the amount of treatment needed to start living a positive and sober life. The shortest programs typically run for about 30 days, with the longer programs lasting 90 days for more severe addictions.

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