Passing English speaking and listening test means you can become a citizen of the UK. There is town test which you have to give. The test will have speaking and listening only not anything about writing. So do not get more information about writing. Try to make your listening and speaking good. B1 English test will be conducted in the centre, and you will get the result from there.

Types of Speaking And Listening Test

In both exams, the examiner will give different situations where you will respond to it by hearing the topic correctly. The examiner will also ask questions like you both are in a different country you have to answer according to which country you are in. When you pass this type of test, the result is valid for two years means you can stay for two years. But if you fail, do not take tension, you can apply for how many times you want until you pass it’s upto you. Only the result which the centre has given only that is valid for getting the visa. If the result is not from the proper institute, then you will be rejected. There are two centres if it from there then you will be approved.

The time taken for the test is only ten minutes. Your test will be taken alone now no one will be your partner in this type of test so prepare carefully. There will be five parts of the test. First, two will be 10 minutes. And the rest three will be 22 minutes. You have to present the topic properly that others can understand, but there will only be the examiner. The examiner will say something if you respond to it correctly then that’s it you will get approved.

Speaking Clearly

This is important because the examiner will see that how you speak how is your speaking accent. Speak clearly and loud the other should be able to hear. Do not speak in a British accent. How is your voice make the English accent like that only? The main thing is that how you pronounce the words. This type, please practice more because if you are not able to pronounce properly, then other people who do not know that you are learning the English language will laugh at you, so avoid these mistakes. When you are saying try to put some feelings of yourself. Suppose your sound is not connecting with the words that you tell them how other people will understand.

Important Tips 

  • Avoid these type of words like hmm, umm and very boring words.
  • If you want a phase to take a deep breath or you can drink water, no one will know that you are gathering information in your mind.
  • Do not hesitate too much. Be fluent and give answers in long so that you will have a good impression.
  • Do not make silence more than 4 seconds because it makes the situation awkward. If you make silence more, your marks will not come good. Try to impress the examiner as much as you can.
  • Do not answer a different question. Say the words only which you know the meaning of it.
  • If you are not getting the question, ask the examiner to repeat it.