Floorings are changing with time. Wood floors are in, so do the stone floors. But does that mean carpet died? No, of course not! Rugs are always part of our homes. The floor is floor after all; it can’t provide you with the softness, coziness, and comfort like a carpet do.  Secondly, the floor will not run away if you opt to install a carpet on it. Floors provide you with style beauty and décor, so do the carpets. The plus factor is the softness and plush feelings which only a rug can provide.

Carpets are still a welcome addition to your house. People love to install carpets at their homes due to their comfort and great insulation features. No matter how cool your floor is, a carpet will always make your room lighten up in darkest themes. It pleases your eyes and comforts your body. Floors always leave the first impression on the people. If you have decorated your home and left the floor alone, it will still give an idea of an incomplete or imperfect look. An elegant carpet on your beautiful floor may enhance the look of your room and give it the perfection it needed.

So are you ready to dig your feet into something comfortable? Because, carpets have made a comeback in the market with much softer and durable plush – no more sticking with the same old patterns anymore!! Here are a few trendy carpets of 2020 which took the market into the storm and serving successfully at every place they are installed.

Patterned Carpets:

Patterns are “in” everywhere carpets with different designs are getting much popular in 2020. The vibrant pattern styles increase the look of your living room and add a big dose of visual interest for everyone. Geometric patterns with abstract infusion and black and white check prints have made rugs more and beautiful.

Sisal Carpets:

Sisal Carpets are famous due to their durability and natural components. People are getting more and more interested in having natural made products at their home. A natural material consists of many features like; they are anti-allergic, durable, eco-friendly and provide you with better indoor air. Sisal is one of them. Woven from plant fibers and extracted from a tender substance known as Agave sisalana the rug is getting popular as it is both natural and biodegradable. It also comes with a stain-resistant sealer which has made it favorite among everyone.

Animal Print Carpets:

Animal Prints are always popular in rugs and mats. But this time why only go for zebra, tiger or lion prints. Carpets are now available in fawn and different animal prints. A modern fusion to classic look has made it quite a trendy carpet of 2020.

Neutral colors:

Want something trendy and afraid that it will go old soon than go for some neutral colors with bright tones like grey. Grey shiny and soft carpets are always in trend from many years because they never look outdated and provide you comfort along. Moreover, they go with all types of décor styles in your room. A synthetic Nylon Carpet with grey tone is a popular trend of carpets these days.

Bold and Bright Carpets:

The year 2020 is a year of bold colors and bright designs. Bold and bright color rugs are seen as the choice of every second homeowner. A synthetic carpet with bold plum color creates an illusion of more significant area and the soft feel to your feet.

Expressive Patterns:

Carpets now speak themselves by their vivid prints and patterns. Don’t be afraid of showing your personality by the rug you choose. Let your creativity run with the fun ideas you might have stored in your mind and paste it all on your floors. Customize your mat with the walls of your room. Clash bright walls with patterned carpets and follow the latest trends. You may also go for some mismatched textiles and expressive style of your own to break the rules of matching interior attributes and give a new look to your room.

Carpets are trendy and fun, no matter how many types of flooring will be introduced. Rugs have never lost their importance before and thanks to modern technology nor will they lose it in future.