The Platner Chair is a beautiful furniture piece. It’s got that timeless look that never fails to intrigue. It makes an excellent statement piece, but more than anything else, it provides the perfect full-stop accentuation that every contemporary space needs. If you’re looking for some inspiration to make your spaces Insta-worthy with the Platner Chair, then below we’ve got a list of some amazing ideas for you! Let’s take a look:

  1. High contrast


This high-contrast interior design is the perfect inspiration for those who love mixing bold and understated colors. The earthy-natural palette makes the space feel as soothing as possible. The Platner Chair and end table go really well with the Beni Ourin style wool rug, while the emerald color sofa adds some much needed contrast. All the different textures – including the wire-structure of the chair, the fluffiness of the rug, and the tufting of the sofa makes this set-up perfectly Insa-worthy!

  1. The gold-contrast


The wire-rimmed structure of the Platner Chair would look stunning with a gold accented table. You can take some inspiration from this image and go for a sitting area that features 4 Platner Chairs set up around a gorgeous round table with a gold base. It’s all about creating the best contrast, which is why the light grey upholstery of the chair couples well with the white table top – all while being gorgeously accentuated by the stunning gold inverted base,dark floors, and natural-colored area rug.

  1. Effortlessly simple


Sometimes, the simplest layouts are the most Insta-worthy, and you can definitely see why thanks to the layout in this image. The organic design of the Platner Chair looks positively stunning in its isolation. Its only accentuation comes from the minimalist table and the artsy table lamp. The plain backdrop provides a nice canvas for the whole set-up. The best part is that you can easily recreate something like this in your own interior designs.

  1. Modern within classic


This interior design is such a beautiful example of how a completely Insta-worthy space can be created by using just one modern element in a classical ambiance. The white-on-white space with the marble accents and gorgeous wainscoting provides such an excellent backdrop. It emulates a gorgeous old-school vibe within the space that is contrasted stunningly by the Platner Chair. It’s a dramatic concept that looks positively stunning in a unique and distinguished way.

  1. Colorful and eclectic


Being Insta-worthy is all about the colors, as proven by this stunning round-table layout. The blues, greens, and gold provide such a gorgeous contrast against each other. The artistic background provides an even better visual accompaniment to all the colors. All the Warren Platner Chairs provide such a fine visual hook that attracts everyone to come and sit in this space.

So these are some of the most iconic Platner Chair formations. You can take inspiration from these Insta-worthy spaces and design your own picturesque interior designs.