I love cooking and coming up with recipes in my kitchen. I like keeping things healthy and pre-prepping when I can. Since I started cooking for my family more, I noticed my kitchen needed some upgrades. I started expanding the number of gadgets in my kitchen and now my life is so much easier. I just finished a whole sweep of my cookware and replaced everything that was getting old — I got new baking sheets, rubber spatulas, and more. My favorite has to be my new Cuisinart food processor.

My mom used to use a food processor all the time, but I never paid attention enough to notice how. There are so many different things you can do with them! I started using it at least a few times a week, but I wanted more. Eventually, I called my mom and discovered the secret to her success. She had plenty of different attachments to help her out! I started hearing stories about her larger bowls, storage systems, and extra blades. After hearing enough, I decided to look into getting some of my own.

Thanks to the pandemic, I’m still not leaving the house very often, so I turned to online shopping. I found plenty of options but they all seemed cheap and manufactured to break. One night while continuing my search, I mentioned it to my husband. He ended up talking to a coworker who mentioned Kitchen Works Inc. They carry a variety of Cuisinart food processor replacement parts. And all of the parts and accessories are official Cuisinart parts!

I quickly got wrapped up in their website and created a wishlist for tons of different parts. I decided to break up my purchases and just started with some larger bowls and specialized blades. Having bigger bowls that are made directly for my food processor has been fantastic for meal prep. Now I make larger portions on the weekends and just store them. Cooking during the week is much easier and I don’t need to sacrifice the healthy foods I like making.

Between everything I bought, though, the different blades have to be my favorite. I never used to be good at making bread, but it’s so much easier with a dough blade. I just throw the ingredients together and run the processor on low, then bake the dough! My kids love it because it lets us make pizza at home, and I love it because we can make the pizzas healthier.

I still browse the Kitchen Works website all the time and find extra parts. I even found a replacement blade for my mom’s Cuisinart that lets her use it again! It had been stuck for ages and she didn’t want to spend the money on a new one. Now that she’s back to using it, we talk about the food processor all the time. I used to always be asking for tips, but now she questions me about the new parts I got!