It is with no doubt that cats are not fond of travelling, this because of the discomfort that comes with long-distance trips. Unfortunately, there are times when you cannot leave your furry friend behind. That means that you will have to get your cat ready for travel and put measures in place to get them comfortable during the trip. Once your cat is comfortable the journey will be less stressful for both of you. Below are some of the steps you can follow to secure maximum comfort for your cat while travelling together.

Bring Along Your Cat’s Favourite Stuff.

Well, you need to carefully monitor your cat’s daily routine to have a clue of the stuff that your cat likes. For instance, if your cat has got a favourite toy, the blanket they like to lie on, or such you can take these with you. Having a toy or a sleeping blanket that has a familiar smell feels like home for them. Younger cats have toys like balls of yarn to play with around the home. If you can find these they will help the cat feel at ease during the journey.

Consult A Vet To See If Medication Is Necessary.

Some cats tend to get too anxious while out of the house so travelling could be even worse. If your cat has this type of anxiety you must visit a vet. Medication to sedate the cat could be very helpful and make the journey smooth and less stressful. Check your route to see if there are emergency vet shops just in case you need them.

Take Precautionary Measures.

While travelling with your cat you need to be extra careful with how you open and close your car doors. Cats stroll everywhere in the car and once you open the car they want to jump out every time. They may end up getting lost in an unknown location. If you are not careful enough you can easily squeeze them while closing the doors leading to bad injuries or even sometimes death. Be extra cautious guarantees your cat’s well being.

Get The Cage/ Carrier Days Earlier

A few days before you start the trip, you can take the cat with you and put them in a carrier to see if they will be uncomfortable or if they will resist. This will make the cat feel familiar with the place you intend to carry them in, so they will not struggle when you start travelling. Cats often run off and hide if they feel threatened. If this happens on the day of the trip it will prove to be quite hectic.

Plan Your Stops Carefully

You should check for cat-friendly hotels along your travel route because it is important to have stops on the way lest your cat gets too anxious. You can search for hotel websites to get the information you need. Make sure you plan meals for your cat. You can also buy packaged food. The best option to go for would be

With these preparations, your trip should be smooth and your cat will not feel troubled.