Outdoor activities are part of the lives of millions of s due to the following properties:

The release of hormones of happiness. In response to an active lifestyle and achieving the goal (to run 5 km, climb a mountain, ride a bicycle to the end of the track), the body releases hormones of happiness and motivation that significantly improve your mood and stimulate you to repeat active recreation. High-quality sports rest – a charge of a positive mood for the whole week.

Improving relationships. Joint sports rest leads to the improvement of any relationship. Joint physical activity brings Equipose for Sale in USA. You have to make joint efforts, join together to solve problems. Sports vacation is a great opportunity to get close to family, soulmate or friends. Physical activity with a girl (boyfriend) leads to the release of oxytocin – the hormone of confidence and relaxation, without which a quality relationship is impossible.

Health improvement. Man is not adapted to a sedentary lifestyle. Throughout the evolutionary history of mankind, sport was not a vacation, but a way of life and survival. Under this lifestyle, all systems of the human body are “imprisoned”. Now man’s physical activity is minimized, as a result of which “civilization diseases” develop – obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and the risk of oncology. Sports recreation allows you to maintain health, increase quality and longevity.

Improve the look. This item is especially important for girls who do not understand that a sedentary lifestyle negatively affects their attractiveness. Outdoor recreation affects the appearance not only due to the release of hormones of happiness, which in themselves make a girl more attractive to men, but also include the entire hormonal system. Hormonal background is improving. The girl becomes more feminine and more beautiful due to the influence of outdoor activities on health. Acne gradually passes, the eyes acquire an attractive shine, the skin of the face becomes more fresh. The same effect is obtained by men who, thanks to outdoor activities, “pump” their masculinity.

Change the worldview. Sports recreation allows you to push the boundaries of the world in which most of us exist. After the first vacation outside the house, a person understands what a miserable life he led in front of the TV over the past years. It’s all about the hormones of pleasure: from physical activity, from achieving goals that will need to be achieved in the process of relaxation, more hormones are secreted from happiness than from watching TV.

Become a more interesting person. While you are dreaming of a beautiful and interesting girl, this girl is already leaving with an interesting guy who sees many facets in life, and not just TV, alcohol, food and cars. The same rule applies to girls: while you are waiting for the “child” to watch TV shows, this young man walks with an active girl who is not too lazy to get out of the house. Sports rest is the first step to self-development. This is the first step to becoming an interesting person for both yourself and others.

Take the first step towards a new life. Sports recreation develops a new habit in a person – to enjoy active pastime. This habit is reinforced by hormonal encouragement, which leads to the desire to repeat active rest on an ongoing basis and acquire new healthy habits.

Become a more successful person. All successful people who have the opportunity to relax actively do this. Sports recreation rebuilds the hormonal system, allows you to escape from the problems and think them over from a new angle after the end of the holiday. This takes your life and work competence to a new level. This mechanism works like this:

  • – A person includes active rest in his life.
  • – The hormonal system is being rebuilt.
  • – The value of a person as an employee is increasing.
  • – There is a motivation to move up the career ladder.
  • – There is an opportunity to move up the career ladder. Energy is rising.
  • – The efficiency of a person at work increases significantly.
  • – The long-awaited increase.

Success does not come from nowhere. Sports leisure creates the prerequisites for these successes.

As a sports holiday you can choose:

Run. Jogging on weekends with family or friends allows you to realize all the goals of a sports vacation. For men and women who are now far from their optimal form, at first it can be difficult. Do not strive to set records from the first runs. Take an easy run, evaluate your strength. Next week you can add a competitive aspect.

Important: when running, do not focus on the results that were shown on the treadmill. You can run for 3 hours on a treadmill and not get tired, and then, after 15 minutes of running, turn inside out and lie down to rest right on the road.

Skiing. An alternative for people who live in snowy areas. Cross-country skiing is good because it includes the muscles of the upper body more than regular running.

Strength training, which can be attributed to the nomination of folk sports. Almost in all cities of , free sites with all the necessary simulators are installed. Rods, horizontal bars, bars, various simulators – everything is there for high-quality, free outdoor recreation. An alternative is classes on the “Soviet” sites, which are in almost every yard. Training should be at your pleasure – not too intense, but long (from 30 minutes).

Campaigns Walking in inaccessible terrain gives not only aesthetic pleasure, but also the joy of overcoming your weaknesses. Hiking in the mountains or any hard-to-reach, little-visited point on the map of your city, which can be attributed to the category of “nature”, have all the effects of sports recreation.

Hard-to-reach training. A new level of outdoor activities. Training in hard-to-reach areas is only suitable for men and women who enjoy such training. Running along the slopes near the sea, running uphill and other ways to test yourself bring an excellent “aftertaste” (sensations after a workout) to gourmets of such entertainments.

Jogging to the sea (river, lake) and swimming in any weather. A great way to cheer up yourself and your friends at any time of the year. In winter, this entertainment can be classified as extreme.

A specific distance race with a competitive aspect. An ideal sporting holiday in the warmer months.

Tennis, football, volleyball and other sporting events. Team sports are ideal for strengthening relationships with friends and family.

Bowling, airsoft and other recreational activities that make you move are worse than all of the above, but are a great way to start changing your life.

After an active holiday, you will begin a new week with a fresh, rather than “squeezed” organism, as after passive entertainment. Sports rest is not only Saturday and Sunday. With motivation, outdoor activities can become an integral part of your life.

Outdoor activities for athletes

Sports recreation for physically active people has the following goals:

Restore muscle and nervous system after training. Speed ??up the phases of the training process. Active recreation allows you to remove lactic acid from the muscles, get rid of feces. Heavy training is detrimental to the nervous system, until the restoration of which the next workout cannot be done. Sports rest reduces emotional stress, allows you to relax your body and soul.

Increase the speed of progress. Sports rest accelerates the passage of all phases of the training process, as a result of which the speed of achieving set goals increases.

Improve health. Heavy workouts should alternate with outdoor activities. Otherwise, wear and tear of the nervous system’s capacities, weakening of immunity and disease.

Keep your muscles in good shape all the time. Heavy training is aimed at large muscle groups that recover longer than small muscles. When it comes to training large muscle groups, the small muscles have already gone through all phases of the training process and are at the stage of training. Sports rest maintains the tone of small muscles without prejudice to large muscle groups.

Increase the power of the central nervous system. Sports rest is light physical activity, which not only restores the nervous system, but also improves the adaptation of the central nervous system to physical activity.

Bringing diversity to your training life. Monotonous loads, which are an integral part of target progress in any sport, reduce motivation for training, provoke psychological fatigue.

Increasing the efficiency of the hormonal system. The category of “sports recreation” includes special procedures that provoke the release of hormones of happiness, as well as regulate the balance of anabolic-catabolic hormones.

As a sports holiday, athletes can use the following activities:

Light workouts that work the same muscles that work on hard training days. Let us examine this point on the example of bodybuilding. We have a hard workout and 3 varieties of light workout:

Anaerobic training using an expander or other home fitness equipment

Aerobic training in the form of running or jumping rope.

Any sports vacation that we talked about above. Active rest without significant physical exertion helps to restore and increase the desire for training.

Special procedures that accelerate recovery and trigger the release of hormones of happiness. Water treatments such as bathing in ice-cold water, contrast douches and a contrast shower are the best options for recovery.

Light workouts in the highlands. Mountains (or imitation of mountain training) positively affect the adaptive capabilities of the body, accelerate progress in any sport on strength, speed or endurance.

Types of fitness that improve stretching. Stretching muscle fibers accelerates recovery by 10-20%. Stretching also improves brain-muscle communication, which increases the effectiveness of training and reduces the likelihood of injury. Stretching for girls is also very attractive.

Any physical activity that gives you pleasure. Under the parameters of a sports holiday, even digging the garden can fall if it unloads your muscles and psyche.

Sports recreation. Tips & Tricks

Using the following recommendations, the efficiency of sports recreation can be significantly increased:

Work on your worldview. Many of us have prejudices that do not allow us to actively relax and get the most out of life. From “The life of the fictional characters of the series means more than my life”, which leads to relaxing on the TV, and not in nature, to “A good girl should sit at home and read books” – a conviction that a psychologically underdeveloped mother or father drove into your head with a narrowed picture of the world. Work on such problems leads to a desire to live 100% and rest actively. Work on a worldview allows you to get rid of deep-seated problems that do not allow you to live a full life.

The effects on the hormonal system have similar effects. Incorrect operation of the hormonal system can provoke the occurrence of various harmful phenomena such as chronic fatigue syndrome, unwillingness to perform any action. Men with low testosterone can not feel like men at 100%, and therefore get the lack of masculinity on the couch for beer and football. A low level of testosterone makes a man non-energetic and passive, which leads to the desire to burn his life behind a TV screen. Changing hormones changes your desires

It is advisable to add fitness or another type of power sport to outdoor activities. Physical activity on an ongoing basis copes with several tasks at once:

Improves the functioning of the hormonal system. Training helps to release anabolic hormones that push a person to live a full life.

Changes the worldview. The more you train, the more you want to train or exercise in a different way. Training and sports are becoming part of you.

Active recreation becomes simpler and more joyful due to good physical preparation.

Use sports equipment that will make your stay more positive and comfortable. Example: uncomfortable running shoes will lead to the fact that your relaxation instead of pleasure will bring pain from grated calluses. Similar analogies can be matched to any component of sports equipment.

A healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet complement outdoor activities and increase its effectiveness. A healthy lifestyle + a healthy diet + outdoor activities is an additional 10-20 years of a quality life. If you start at a young age, then at 50 you can look 30. Think about your future now.

Sports exercises performed at home can be the key to a successful sports vacation. Light exercises with the weight of one’s own body tone the muscles, and also adjust the hormonal system, which leads to the release of hormones, without which an active lifestyle is impossible.​​​

Work on a motivational field. Superfluous habits, superfluous things, people who take away your strength and energy, false attitudes – all this can make a healthy person an uninteresting, boring amoeba that cannot lift its fifth point from the sofa. If you have an understanding that in order to lead a full-fledged lifestyle, you lack just the motivation, you need to work on this particular area.

Do not be afraid to use sports nutrition in an active lifestyle. Sometimes you may not have enough time to prepare standard dishes. A protein or gainer mixed in milk can make up for a deficiency of protein and carbohydrates, improve your body shape and improve your health. Those who consider sports nutrition to be “dangerous chemicals” are advised to read our section “sports nutrition”, within which you will find recipes for making all-natural homemade cocktails.

National and team sports can be an addition to an active lifestyle. Examine the information in the appropriate sections on our website and add these disciplines to your sports vacation.

Motivating films and music can help you take the first step. The first steps are the most important, as they form your new habit. Motivating films and music can temporarily improve your picture of the world, provoke the production of hormones necessary for activity.


Sports activities are extremely useful for:

  • Ordinary people who get the opportunity to relax, strengthen relationships with loved ones, expand their worldview and achieve great success in life.
  • Athletes who use sports recreation as a method of recovery after training.
  • Active recreation is the diversity that we are so lacking. This lack of boredom, the lack of routine, which is crowded with the everyday life of most people.
  • Sports vacation will become an integral part of your life, from which everyone will enjoy more than now.
  • The choice is yours. Change your life now!