When you are redoing your vehicle; installing a new set of brakes or doing a brake service, you should align the disc brake calipers to the rotors first. This is done to ensure that the rotor and brake pads are perfectly parallel to each other. To do it better, we are listing a few tips that will come in handy for you while you do the entire thing yourself.

Have the wheels free

When doing the brake job on a car or a bike, make sure that the wheels are freely lifted. This will enable free wheel spins and you can have a good line of sight on your brake calipers. With having the wheels locked, it will be problematic for you to understand how successful has your work been on the brakes.

Use a light-colored backdrop

With a lighter background, you will have a very clear vision of every part of the brake pad. You will gain a better understanding of the parts of the rotor that are in contact with the brake pads. Light and the bright backdrop will create a contrast, helping you gain better visibility on the disruptions present. You can easily map the gap.

Backing out the bolts

Now that almost everything is set up, it is time to finally mount the calipers and align them. It is always better to run the caliper hardware till the time it is bottomed out and then back it out one full turn. It will help you easily tighten the bolts. Also, make sure to use the bolts that have washers on their head.

Squeeze the brake lever

When the caliper bolts are slightly loosened, you will be able to move it by hand and check its positioning. You can now squeeze the lever and hold it down as you tighten the bolts. Next, spin the wheels to check if the rotor is rubbing with the brake pads.

Use an alignment tool

This is an optional tip and can be used when the rotor rubs badly with the brake pads. Try loosening the bolts again and retry from the beginning. Place the alignment tool in between each side of the caliper and rotor. Tighten the bolts even when the tool is installed. Remove and check again.

Repairing the brakes can be a very tedious job and hence you need professionals who can help you with the right disc brake calipers and their installation.