The Novus capital corporations have announced that this has closed the application for the IPO of 10,000,000 units at $10. In the end, the company has total receipts of 100 million USD, it was started to trade on the capital market of Nasdaq and known as the NASDAQ: NOVSU at This is an article to briefly explain these stocks and whether or not you should invest in these stocks.

The Novus Capital Corporation

This is a blank check company or in simple words, it’s in the developing stages, current the one unit of their stock is the combination of common stock and redeemable warrant. They will soon start trading different in the Nasdaq capital market under different names, from the trading of the current units it had received 100 million USD. They have to compete with companies that have high rated technologies, it is focused to face that competition and contribute to advancement in the present condition of the technology. The purpose of this company is to bring a merger into effect, in the near future you can see share exchange, recapitalization and etc as changes in your business.

Worth to Invest Or Not

This is going to be a completely new company in the market it has to face competition from the other companies which are much ahead of this. There is also not a good situation in the market because of which the investment in the present might not actually provide any better returns but that is the risk with every new coming company in the market. You should invest when you are ready to invest after seeing a good trend in the market but if you want this for a long with term purpose then you should invest in the IPOs that will be after the separation of the current units into common stock and a redeemable warrant.

Press Release And Other Things

The IPOs for the NASDAQ: NOVSU will surely make it possible for you to redeem the stocks for a better price. The press release means shows that it has received 100 million USD from the receipts of 10,000,000 units that were traded at 10 USD. The IPOs are closed on 15the of may this year, also they will be separately traded as the current unit combines a common stock and one redeemable warrant.  

Those will be traded in the NASDAQ capital market in different names which are NASDAQ novs for common stocks and warrants as Nasdaq now. This has also mentioned considering market risks so you should make a good decision after analyzing it. You can do stock trading at the best broker for day trading. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.