If you want to become a cam girl or you are already activating in the online modeling industry, you probably never thought that you are the Miss Universe of modern times. How is that possible? Well, by reading this article, you will see that there are so many similarities between a webcam model and a pageant contestant. Maybe after you go through the next paragraphs, you will become more aware of your value, as well as your influence.

First of all, both online modeling and beauty contests deal with the most pleasant-looking young women in the world. The fact that we didn’t use the word “beautiful” was on purpose since beauty standards are so subjective and unrealistic. Anyway, for being a webcam model, you don’t have to be beautiful, you just have to be pleasant-looking, which means charismatic, always smiling, and embracing your own style. Well, what do you know? This is exactly what is expected from the next Miss Universe!

Secondly, if we are talking about non-adult online modeling, you certainly know that girls don’t have to get undressed or involve in any sexual activity whatsoever. Most of the time, they have to wear sexy, but not too revealing outfits, for example, a nightgown or a fancy swimsuit or underwear. This is yet another similarity with beauty pageants since contestants there are usually fully dressed and they reveal the most skin only during the swimsuit competition. Decency is a sine-qua-non condition since the contest is broadcast to an audience of hundreds of millions around the world.

Also, both online modeling, as well as the Miss Universe contest are not only about looking in a certain way, but also about personality, general knowledge, and other important traits a woman has to have in our modern society. As they say, beauty fades away in time, but the other qualities remain. A cam girl, as well as a potential Miss Universe, has to be empathetic, involved, interested in today’s global issues, such as global warming, growing racism, or even the coronavirus pandemic.

Last but not least, online modeling and beauty pageants help create some of the most admired women in the world, especially by men everywhere. If you are a cam girl, your members will adore you, even if you don’t undress for them and they know they will never have the chance to meet you in person. The simple fact that you talk to them, give them the attention that they deserve and they lacked before, and that you listen to understand and not to reply makes them worship you and your relationship with them.

In conclusion, if you thought of working in online modeling only for the money, you have to know that this job has many more benefits than you could have imagined. You will become better as a person, you can make your dreams come true, and you can help your members through your communication skills, which also partially resembles the work of a psychologist.