Resin flooring is the epitome of modern, unique and pleasing to the eye. It can be found in many varieties and options and it will definitely add a glow to your home. They are durable, easy to maintain and appealing. With the wide range of finishes available, you can coordinate your Resin Flooring to fit any space. Resin Flooring is a multi-purpose flooring material that can be used in many different areas. Resin is a cheaper alternative to wood and other natural flooring materials. It’s also resistant to mold, mildew, stains and moisture. Because it’s so affordable and easy to maintain, resin is a great choice for today’s busy homeowners. Resin flooring offers the beauty of stone, with all the practicality of tile. Resin tiles are resistant to scratches and stains, so you can easily keep them looking great for years to come. There’s something about resinous flooring that sets it apart from all others; the unique tactile feel of each individual board gives it a distinctive look and feel.

Composition material of Resin Flooring

Resin flooring is the conventional term for a composite product made with epoxy resin, glass fibers and other additives. The composition of the material should have a uniform hardness, low water absorption and high strength under normal temperature conditions. Resin is composed of natural resin and porous particles, providing a lightweight and resilient flooring option. It’s nonporous and stain resistant, so it resists permanent stains that occur during activity, such as food prep areas. The composition of resin flooring is not just about resins. The performance of a floor is directly related to the composition of the resin and other added materials, typically cement or polymer. Recent advances in technology applied to paint have led to an increase in the quality of the finished product. Resin flooring is a highly durable material that is resistant to aggressive foot traffic and ages well in high wear areas. It doesn’t require stripping or refinishing, making it an ideal choice for hotels, hospitals, schools and homes with busy traffic. Each project is custom engineered for stability and durability with moisture resistance, sound and heat insulating capabilities.

Ways to Care Resin Flooring

Your resin flooring looks beautiful with the right care. Resin flooring is beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance. You can get better wear out of resin than other hard surfaces like wood and tile with care tips. Resin flooring is strong, durable and it’s tough to find a feathered fiber in product. You can use Resin flooring anywhere you need an extra layer of protection like your garage, boat or RV. Resin flooring comes in a smooth surface finish that is easy to clean and maintain. Resin Floors are also resistant to moisture, mildew and mold. Cleaning your floor is an important part of owning it. Regular buffing and vacuuming will help bring out the shine, as well as remove dust from the fibers by using a soft brush. If you have stains that are difficult to remove, cleaners with pumice powder may work best.