There are many types of stones and crystals. Choosing the right one is not easy, especially if you don’t know what you need at that precise moment.

There are several methods of choosing a stone. You can turn your attention to a crystal because you are looking for something with certain energy properties, you can be attracted to its external appearance like colour, shape, size, etc. or because it is connected to your zodiac sign. But first of all, you have to make sure the stone is real.

Beware of cheating

Don’t be fooled and make sure that the crystal you are about to buy is not “fake”. Unfortunately, the fact that some stones are rather challenging to find, such as the fire opal, leads some unhelpful traders to buy glass and plastic trinkets or alternatively much less expensive stones modified and passed off as others. In many cases, it will be possible to recognize the deception because, especially at the village banks, they will tend to sell a scarce and costly stone at bargain prices. Here you immediately understand two things: not only the stone is not true, but the trader if he knows even a little.

So be sure to buy the stones only from people you trust, experts in the field who understand the value of a crystal not only from an aesthetic and economic point of view but also from an energy point of view. Anyone who knows stones and loves them would never sell worthless trinkets to the customer. Not to mention the risk of losing him when he discovers the scam.

Ways to choose a stone

There are many issues to be considered for choosing a stone. But if you are not interested in the aesthetic aspect of it but rather in the energy aspect, then you have two ways to go ahead of you. In Alexander Sparks, you can have the best rings now.

Choose it before going to the store.

For example, if you are looking for a stone to strengthen self-esteem, what sense would it make to go to the store of trust without having the faintest idea of ​​what you need? Choose the crystal before going there. Look at the crystal therapy books that you have at home to get a picture or look here on Alchemy of the Stones. You can also ask me for advice using the comments. Whatever the most suitable means for you, remember that, if you already know what the “problem” is to solve, identify the “solution” immediately, do not wait to find out if intuition will lead you to the right stone or not. With Moissanite Rings NYC, you can find the best deal.

Choose it when you are there, instinctively.

If instead, you want to buy one, but there is no particular reason, then the first method is completely ineffective. On a conscious level, you don’t know what you need and, if you decide to study every single stone used in crystal therapy, you would only end up being guided by reason. Most likely, you would not solve absolutely anything, and the stone will be destined to be forgotten.

Remember one thing: even if you are not aware of what you need at a specific moment in your life, your unconscious knows it well and will instinctively guide you towards the right mineral for you. When you are in the shop, take all the time you need, but usually, you will end up with the first stone that caught your attention. Don’t ask the shopkeeper for help and don’t evaluate which zodiac sign governs a stone. It would be totally misleading information.

Trilogy Rings: What Is The Meaning?

Do you know how to say it? Three is the perfect number! And this rule also applies especially when it comes to jewellery and precious gems. That’s why a trilogy ring represents perfection in the form of a jewel to wear, love and live. Maybe you’ve never thought about it, but the trilogy hides a considerable meaning that makes it even more special.

Why Do You Give A Trilogy Ring? Here Is The Meaning Revealed!

The trilogy is a ring made up of three precious Moissanite stones which, in its classic version, are three diamonds, but all gems are allowed, such as, for example, emeralds, sapphires or rubies. This is one of the traditional engagement rings, next to the solitaire and the veretta, which we will discuss later and, as such, has an essential meaning for the two lovers and in fact means “present, past and future”.

In this way, a ring is capable of representing what happened, but above all, it is a wish and hope for a radiant future as a couple. Giving this ring to your girlfriend means making a real declaration of love. This very romantic and suggestive meaning is the most famous. However, there is also another that is inspired by the Catholic religion and wants the trilogy to be the representation of the Trinity, that is, of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

If you love rings with religious and spiritual meanings, we invite you to discover the best collection. The trilogy it is given especially if you are a lot of believers and you plan to have a church wedding. At the same time, the choice of the diamond to be set in the ring is certainly not accidental. This precious stone is used symbolically in many engagement jewels because it is indestructible, rare and precious, just like true love. Therefore this gem is also actually a metaphor for the great passion that unites two people! As we have mentioned before, the trilogy is not the only engagement ring. There are also two equally precious alternatives, let’s talk about the solitaire ring and the ring.

Trilogy, Solitaire Or Veretta: What Is The Difference?

Do you have to give an engagement ring and are you undecided between a trilogy, solitaire and a veretta? Let’s see what the differences are. We have already illustrated the meaning of the first one, so let’s move on to another ring loved by women, the solitaire! This jewel is composed of a single precious stone, usually the diamond, and represents a unique and inimitable love. It is undoubtedly a very romantic choice, mainly if you rely on a quality brand. In this regard, in a previous article, we told you about the solitaire rings, an example of elegant, style and quality.

The other alternative is the test tube, consisting of a row of small precious stones, which also, in this case, are mostly diamonds. It is no coincidence that this choice recalls the wedding ring. In fact, it is given above all if you intend to have a wedding in great style and very traditional. The three alternatives have profound meanings, perfect for crowning a beautiful love. If you particularly love the trilogy, you can find many options in online jewellery, simple but extremely refined and full of details.