No doubt, user onboarding is referred to as the heart of the user experience. Have you ever placed yourself in your user’s position? They are downloading and using your app as it promises to solve their problems. But to be precise, there are other apps too belonging to the same niche.

Why should they select you while they have alternatives? Hence, you need to make them realize the value of your app. The best way to do that is through the process of user onboarding. Here are some hacks of user onboarding which you should know.

Assess your User’s Actions

To facilitate a good onboarding experience, you should be able to track their actions. You can design funnels based on events to have an idea where your users are facing hindrances. By knowing their actions, you would be at a good position to design an onboarding experience.

Analyze Customer Success

You should know how successful your customers are while using your app. In case a majority of customers are not happy with your app, it can have serious repercussions. However, proper onboarding strategies can help you overcome this barrier.

Check your Competitor’s Onboarding Processes

You can sign up to get a feel of their onboarding process. It may seem odd, but in reality, you can learn a lot of important things. You can have a clear view at the way in which they are onboarding users. Ensure to take notes during the onboarding process.

Always keep in mind that the process of user onboarding is simple. So you shouldn’t complicate this process. Before designing your app tour online, ask people to sign up. But is it is vital that you talk to real people and not bots.

Apxor has various tricks up its sleeves when the context is about user onboarding. With them, you can render a great onboarding experience to users.