Fire is the second leading cause of death in Australia, just behind car accidents. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that there are over 10,000 fire fatalities per year. In a fire, time is the most valuable commodity. This is true for a firefighter as well as the average citizen. When the time comes to act, everyone should be ready.

Anyone that has ever suffered a serious fire in their home will be well aware of the devastating consequences of a fire in the home. It can be difficult to grasp the magnitude of the damage a fire can cause and the ability of a fire to spread. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to know the basic safety elements of fire safety – so that they have a better understanding of the severity of the fire.

Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is a portable device used to put out fires. Designed to contain and dispense fire-fighting agents, the primary purpose of a fire extinguisher is to prevent or limit damage from fire. Fire extinguishers can be conveniently carried in a fire engine, or other vehicles, and used in a standard firefighting operation.

Smoke Detector

For many of us, a smoke detector is a part of our home that we take for granted. But, as much as they are largely ignored for their purpose, they are one of the most important safety features in your home. When a smoke alarm goes off, it sends out a signal that alerts you to the presence of smoke. This helps you to escape the house before any serious damage is done.

There are two types of smoke detectors on the market: ionization and photoelectric. Both types emit sound signals in the event of a fire. When ionization detectors detect smoke, they make a loud beeping sound. When photoelectric detectors detect smoke, they make a loud clicking sound.

Emergency Exit

In the event of a disaster, it is important for you and your family to know how to escape a burning building safely. Every year, thousands of people die in fires forgetting that they must escape from the building before the smoke and fire inside kills them. The best way to escape a burning building is to get everyone out of the building, even if that means you have to break through a window.

Fire Alarms

All homes and businesses should have a fire alarm, but not all have them. Learn more about the fire alarm systems and how to install them in your home or business, what they do and the benefits you would get from having them.

Fire alarms are a must in any building. But the alarm’s functionality and reliability is something that is only discovered after an incident. Thus, it is important to carefully test the alarm system periodically. This is especially important when the system is new, since the alarms may not work as intended.

Gas Suppression System

A gas leak is a sudden, uncontrolled release of natural gas into your home. These leaks are often caused by faulty equipment, and nearly always occur in a home or workplace.


This list is not exhaustive or representative of each and every fire safety audit. You may need to produce other documents that aren’t included in this list.