There are many colors and every color has some impact on human life. But it is also true that, even if the color is the same, it may have a different impact on different people.  According to the color experts, the impact of a single color on different people will result in form of various patterns. Every pattern indicates the reactions of the people affected by the shade of a color.

In order to find which color suits you and makes you look unique, let’s find out what designer like Brent Emerson says  about various colors and their association with other colors.

  • Blue color:

It represents loyal and confident nature. It is one of the soothing colors that help a person to remain calm and confident. The blue color is often suitable for interviews or important meetings. The other colors that go with blue are red, and orange.

  • Red color:

Red is a color of romance and enthusiasm. The color brings passion to the atmosphere and it indicates full of energy. The red color is mainly popular among bold and outspoken people. The red color goes well with blue, pink, or black color as well.

  • Yellow color:

The yellow color is mainly relating to the positive mindset. It is a color of a creative mind. It is also considered a feminine color because of the excitement it brings to the surrounding. Green shades are highly suitable for the yellow color.

  • Green color:

The green color is a color that feels cool for the eyes. It makes you feel calm and soothing. The color is most appropriate for the person with a tender heart and caring nature. The colors that match well with green are yellow and khaki.

  • Black color:

The color black mainly indicates grace and comfort. It is one of the versatile colors that women prefer because it can make a woman look slimmer. The color symbolizes power and grace. Most of the bright colors go well with black.

  • White color:

The white color suits mainly for the people who are full of energy and positivity. It represents optimism and a sense of freedom. The color also indicates simplicity which people appreciate the most. The other colors like blue, green red or even lighter shades of gold or metallic can make a good combination.

  • Purple color:

Purple color is mainly a color of charm and royal nature. It is a color that talks more about the sophistication of life in terms of modern ways. The feminine color suits a person with an imaginative and inspiring attitude. The other colors that match well are shades of white, blue, and gold.

  • Orange color:

It is a color that perfectly matches with a person having bubbly and energetic nature. The color indicates friendliness, possibilities and fits well with the people of the intellectual class. The colors that can support orange color are black & brown.

The type of color combination you make while wearing your clothes can certainly decide how you will feel & perform. Brent Emerson from NC understands the value of color and that’s the reason he keeps his stores of Arizona and North Carolina filled with live color.

Bottom line:

There are various colors and each color can produce millions of shades & combinations. Every color has a unique quality that can affect the human mind and body. You have to understand color-psychology well, in order to look unique.