Dealing with both mental disorders and addiction is never easy. However, getting the correct diagnosis is crucial for treatment to commence. Usually, the diagnosis should address both mental illnesses and addiction simultaneously. The good news is that with the right support from a reputable facility such as Skyward Treatment, it is possible to overcome both conditions and manage them effectively. It also comes with several advantages, as listed below.

Understand Dual Diagnosis

Before we get into the advantages of this treatment, you must understand what dual diagnosis entails. This is a situation where patients suffer from both mental and addiction disorders. Unfortunately, when the two conditions are neglected, they worsen. Both issues must be tackled simultaneously to avoid worsening one at the expense of the other.

Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Statement

Heightened chances of recovery

When both conditions are addressed, there is a high likelihood that the patient will recover wholly. The fact that both mental disorders and addiction are tackled simultaneously means there is hope for a turnaround.

Improved Mental Health

Whenever the two conditions are addressed at the same time, the overall mental wellness of the individuals improves. The mental disease is addressed directly. Besides that, the fact that the addiction is being tackled means that there are reduced risks that would otherwise exaggerate the mental condition. The brain is also given time to recover and the chemicals to re-balance.

Physical Health Improvement

Substance abuse is harmful to your physical health. The toxins from the substance and the damage caused by the overdose are not something to wish away. Unfortunately, these substances also cause psychiatric disorders such as mood imbalance, anxiety, and depression which affect you mentally. Therefore, dual diagnosis treatment addresses both areas of addiction and mental health, which means that you recover wholesomely and restore your physical well-being.

Improves Quality of Life

Dual diagnosis also focuses on ensuring the patients or affected individuals get to know what they are dealing with. They can make better decisions and improve their lifestyle when they become aware of this knowledge.

Patients who feel they have more control over their lives are likely to lead better lives and enjoy a better quality of life. This is one of the goals any worthy recovery center focuses on in their recovery programs.

Enhanced Motivation to Recover

Patients empowered to recover have a better chance of achieving this goal. Dual diagnosis treatment also aims to ensure that patients can make better choices for their self-improvement. They will also most likely make necessary changes to support their goal. This enhanced motivation is a plus for those who aim to recover fully.

What Dual Diagnosis Covers

When medical professionals are involved, expect the following with the dual diagnosis process:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Wilderness therapy
  • Adventure therapy

Dual-diagnosis treatment is a viable treatment for both addiction and mental disorders. However, the success of this program depends on the service provider. Get in touch with the right professionals for this kind of assistance. Call Skyward Treatment Center today!