Vacationing is one of the most exciting and highly anticipated activities, especially if you do it with your loved ones. Vacations are often using as a moment for parents who are too busy with work in the office to get closer to their children. One of the vacation destinations that can visit in Indonesia in the city of Medan.

Medan is the capital city of Sumatra Province, the third largest city after Jakarta and Surabaya. It should be noted that Medan is said to be the gateway to the western part of Indonesia with the existence of Kuala Namu International Airport and Belawan Port. To take a vacation in the city of Medan is usually done by plane. The many tourist attractions owned by the city of Medan make foreign tourists also come to enjoy it.

In the area with the nickname City of History, there are not a few tourist attractions that you can visit with your family, which will give a different meaning and impression when visiting it compared to other cities. Some recommendations for tourist attractions in the city of Medan that can be visited include:

  1. Lake Toba

Who does not know this Lake Toba tour? Of course, this Lake Toba tour has widely known in various circles and regions. Lake Toba is one of the tourist destinations in the city of Medan that you must visit with your beloved family. Not a few books have told about Lake Toba, which is the largest lake in Indonesia.

This Lake Toba tour is always crowded with visitors, both local and foreign tourists, almost every day. However, the tourist location of Lake Toba is located in the Bukit Barisan mountains makes you and your family also able to enjoy the natural beauty of the Bukit Barisan mountains.

Ticket Price: IDR 5,000; Map: Check Location

Address: Bukit Barisan, Toba Samosir Regency, North Sumatra.

  1. Beautiful Mora Park

If you want to unwind from the heat of Medan, try to visit the beautiful Mora Park. This tourist destination presents water rides for all ages, especially for those of you who have small children. In addition, a vacation to beautiful Tamora can be a solution to entertain children who love playing with water.

With the waterpark concept, various water rides are also available. You can enjoy the fresh water by swimming along the lazy river, or challenging the adrenaline from the winding water boom slide. For children’s entertainment, they can also have an exciting experience by playing in the water under the fun ride of the spilled bucket or the water palace.

Ticket Price: IDR 10,000; Map: Check Location

Address: Jl. Sisingamangaraja, Bangun Mulia, Kec. Sandpaper Medan, Medan City, North Sumatra.

  1. Sipinsur Geosite

A tourist destination in the city of Medan that you can also visit while on vacation is Sipinsur tourism. This tour, which is located not far from Lake Toba tourism, is also never deserted by visitors because of the beauty and scenery that is no less enchanting with other tours.

From this Sipinsur tourist spot, you can enjoy various views of forests, hills, and even Lake Toba. The existence of Sipinsur is very relaxed and peaceful surrounded by a very wide pine forest with beautiful views.

Ticket Price: IDR 5,000; Map: Check Location

Address: Parulohan, Kec. Paranginan, Kab. Humbang Hasundutan, North Sumatra.

  1. Tele View Tower

When on vacation in Medan City, you and your beloved family will not only be presented with the beauty of Lake Toba tourism directly, which can see from below. But you can enjoy the beauty and scenery of Lake Toba tourism through the Pandang Tele tower.

The Pandang Tele Tower is no less crowded with Lake Toba tours because through this Tower tour, you can also see the beauty of Lake Toba, which is so enchanting. Tourists usually come to the tower when it is late at night to watch the beautiful sunset.

Ticket Prices: From IDR 2,000; Map: Check Location

Address: Turpuk Limbong, Kec. Daily, Kab. Samosir, North Sumatra.

  1. Linting Lake

Priced at HTM of only 10 thousand ( as of December 2020), Lake Linting presents natural tourism in the bustling city of Medan. This tourist attraction offers natural beauty that is still beautiful with a panoramic view of clear lake water surrounded by green trees. This scene is often an instant photo spot.

Instagenic impression is also inseparable from the unique color of the lake water, which changes frequently. The hot water in this lake comes from volcanic cracks, which produce a blue, green, or turquoise color. Interestingly, even though it originates from volcanic cracks, visitors are allowed to swim on the shores of the lake to feel the warmth of the water.

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