What is a Coming Soon Page? You registered a domain name and bought a hosting; now you are ready to start a website.

If you’re just getting started with your website and you want your customers to a page with detailed information about your upcoming business, you can set up a Coming Soon Page also known as Construction Page.

Do you think is it really hard to create a Coming Soon Page? Answer is Yes and No. The answer is Yes if you are not an expert in HTML and CSS and you are writing each and every piece of codes manually to set up Coming Page. The answer is No if you are creating Coming Soon Page with the help of Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode By WebFactory.

Yes, we recommend you to use Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode By WebFactory if you are not an expert in HTML and CSS. We have some solid reasons why you can opt the plugin over others. Here we go.

  1. It’s Free

Yes, the Plugin is absolutely free to use. It works with any latest WordPress Theme and Plugin. It give control over the frontend of the website and can modify almost every aspect. The Free version comes with some limitations. If you want to explore the Plugin at the peak level, you should buy the Plugin’s Pro version that comes with advanced features.

  1. 70+ Themes Available

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Pages for WordPress Pro version comes with 70+ awesome themes. You can choose themes which suits for your business needs.

  1. Perfect SEO Setup

SEO Snippet preview provides a real-time preview of how the site will look in search results. Also it runs over 20 tests on various aspects of your SEO and provides advice to do better.

  1. Easily add Custom CSS and HTML

If you are not an expert in WordPress, you won’t need to go and edit the codes directly from the website. The Plugins lets you easily add Custom CSS and HTML in to the site from the Plugin itself.

  1. Collect Emails

Email Marketing is still one of the best ways to connect with your customers. We recommend you to collect emails from the beginning. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Pages for WordPress perfectly integrates with Mailchimp so you won’t need 3rd party plugins for the job. Collect Emails with MailChimp on your coming soon page. You won’t need to worry about GDPR because the Plugin is full GDPR compliant API support.