Gunturodu is a south indiantelugu film written and directed by S.K. Satya. It is an action comedy film that will just entertain you along with your family and loved ones. The commercial comedy and love story in it feels original and instinctive. Manoj’s acting and comedy will burst the laughs out of you. This movie is based on when you fall in love with your fiance’s friend-watch free. It is one of the online movies free to watch and a must watch film to add to your telugu movie watch list.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Machu Manoj

Actress: PragyaJaiswal

Other actors: Rajendra Prasad, Sampath Raj

Director: S. K. Satya

Banner:  Claps & Whistles Entertainments

Producer: Sree Varun Atluri

Music: DJ Vasanth

Cinematography: SiddharthRamaswamy

Editing: Karthik Srinivas

Story By: S. K. Satya

Narrated by: Chiranjeevi

Other information:

Runtime: 137Mins

Release date: 3 March 2017

Genre: Action, comedy, romantic

Box Office: Rs 7 to 16 crores

Story line:

The story begins with a young and energetic middle class individual kanna, who spends time with friends rather than focusing on making money for living. Looking at his lifestyle, his father decides to get him married in the hope to set his life in a proper path. As he agrees and goes along with the engagement, there khanna actually falls in love with his fiance’s friend and decided to marry her instead. He does all the funny things to manipulate the marriage to cancel it. He succeeds and runs behind amrutha to make her fall for him. In the meanwhile, whilst having a fun party with his friends in a pub, one of his friends happens to make a mistake and a person sitting on the other table seshu, gets angry and hits him. For which kanna goes to him and picks a fight with seshu. Seshu is an ill mannered and short tempered who always goes with ego and he is a criminal lawyer with a lot of power. With all the fire between them, seshu uses all his power to find him later and take revenge for which kanna is ready to mingle but later kanna finds out that the women he loves is the sister of seshu. What kanna does to settle the issues between them to save his love life is the adventure you should look forward.

Technical Aspects:

  • Though the storyline is little too ordinary the screenplay is ultimate.
  • Screenplay is so much fun! The movie is in a flow and easy to understand.
  • dialogues , the punches and emotional are equally important and they are so well connected to the audience.
  • Music and Background score is so jowel! As it is a complete entertainer, the factors which are related are simple, easy and too good.

Artist Performance:

  • Manchu Manoj is super energetic and engaging.
  • PragyaJaiswal is beautiful and very graceful.
  • Rajendra Prasad was always very mature and fantastic.

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