Want to apply to the MBA programmes taught at prestigious business schools such as IIM – Ahmedabad and Harvard Business School? Do you know what average GMAT scores are required to get into these schools? This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the MBA programmes taught at HBS and IIM. Moreover, it will also inform you about the GMAT score for Harvard and the GMAT score for IIM – Ahmedabad required for admissions. 


The Harvard Business School MBA Programme – GMAT Score and Eligibility

MBA taught at Harvard Business School is a two-year programme. One of the major requirements of the Harvard MBA programme is work experience. While the university asks for two years of full-time professional experience, most admitted to Harvard Business School are professionals who have nearly four years of experience on an average and have managed and led projects at consulting, banking, tech and various other organizations – non-profit included. 

The teaching methods adopted at HBS are plenty — ranging from case studies, multimedia simulations to field projects. Such methods are not only used to hone the leadership and communication skills of each student but also to ensure that each student learns by participating in such activities. Hence, participation in classroom activities accounts for a significant portion of your grades. Since class participation is extremely crucial to succeed at the Harvard MBA programme, the institution aims to admit only the brightest, sharpest and those applicants who have a unique story to tell through their essays. While your work experience and academic background can highlight how unique you are, the GMAT score demonstrates your intellectual ability. Hence, the average GMAT score for Harvard Business Schools’ MBA is 730 out of 800.

Indian Institute Management Ahmedabad’s PGP MBA Programme – Eligibility and  GMAT Score

The PGP MBA programme taught at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad is a highly coveted one and a dream business school for every Indian MBA aspirant. 

Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad has consistently secured the top spot in the national level rankings for MBA programmes, this credits to the quality of education it offers and the placements to top management consulting firms its students can expect. Similar to HBS, most IIMs expect applicants to apply after they have acquired a reasonable amount of experience. Although experience is not mandatory, students who wish to apply to IIM – Ahmedabad, in particular, should have exceptional CAT or GMAT scores to gain a competitive advantage. While the cut-off CAT score for IIM – Ahmedabad is 99 to 100 percentiles, the GMAT score for IIM – Ahmedabad is in the range of 700 to 800. 

Like the Harvard MBA programme, the PGP programme taught at IIM – A is also such that it requires class participation. Since the curriculum is designed using case study to give students practical examples of business scenarios to deal with, an applicant to the MBA programme at IIM – A has to be exceptionally intelligent and a critical thinker.

Now that we have explained to you about the MBA programmes taught at HBS and IIM – Ahmedabad and have also informed you about the GMAT score for Harvard and the GMAT score for IIM, you’re better positioned to plan for your higher education goals.