happy hours in towson are some of the best times you could spend after work. However, if you are not too careful, you could spend more money than you intended. The area is renowned for its great concoctions. Below are some tricks you could apply to stretch your buck through the night.

Free food

One way to save during happy hours in Towson is to choose places which offer free snacks with their drinks, or at least offer discounts on their food. These drinking places are smart and they compete for customers so you are bound to find great drinking spots with free or discounted food.

Opt for light beer

Compared to wine and hard drinks, beer is generally cheaper during happy hours in Towson. You can choose to have light beer so you won’t feel too bloated. Who knows, with just two bottles, you might be able to waste away two to three hours in the bar already. Maybe, just so you won’t feel short-changed, you can opt to order a glass of your favorite hard drink. Then, you can order light beer again as a chaser.

Try late-night happy hours

If you start too early between 5-7, you’ll probably drink through the night and spend too much money. Stay a bit late in the office and try to go for late-night happy hours in Towson. These are usually between 10 and 12. You can then pace yourself, have good conversations with the more mellow crowd, and drink just enough before you head home at midnight.

Bring cash

Don’t bring your credit card when you go out to drink, especially if you tend to go way beyond your budget. Instead, bring a limited amount of cash. Tell the bartender this is just how much you intend to spend otherwise you’ll be washing the dishes. Once you finish your cash allowance, it’s time to head home. It’s a good control method for those who tend to enjoy happy hours in Towson too much.

Drink water in between

You don’t need to drink alcohol the whole time you’re having out. Most bars give water for free, and you can ask for water in between your drinks. This lessens the possibility of hangovers the next day and is a good way to pace yourself so you won’t overspend.

Order by bucket or bottle

As in all things, buying by bulk is also cheaper than making individual bottle purchases. You may purchase a whole bucket of beer if you are a heavy beer drinker or you are out with friends who also like beer. You can also buy a whole bottle of wine or hard drink instead of buying per shot or per glass.

However you choose to spend your money during happy hours, the best tip is to pace yourself. If you guzzle on alcohol, you’ll probably be walking like a crazed loon in an hour or two. It’s not a very good look. Hold your alcohol well and take your time. The night is long and you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your drinks.

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